I have finally put together all of your lovely “turns” and our tribute to Ben’s Idiots Assemble is finished :) I really hope that you will like it even though there are still some problems with the sound of the video. 
Thanks everyone again for participating in this mission and helping me with it! 
YOU, GUYS, ROCK! :’) Xxx

Horrible Histories series 5

I have amazing news for all Horrible Historians who were waiting for series 5 of Horrible Histories for so long time! :) The first episode of series 5 will be aired on 27th May 2013 (Monday) on CBBC at 5:00pm :)

Here are some spoilers (so do not read this if you don’t want to know the content of each episode):

Who is excited about the new series? :’) X

Idiots Assemble

Hi to all Horrible Historians :)
I am sure that many of you have already seen “Idiots Assemble” that Ben put on the Internet. So I’ve been thinking (yes again and it is quite stupid as always but maybe you are already used to it! :D ) why could not we (all Horrible Historians) do something like that too?

Every HH fan could do “the turn”, record it and send it to me on my e-mail address: horriblehistoriesfans@gmail.com and I would put all of our “turns” together in one video and send it to guys! What do you think about this crazy idea? :’) 

PS - You can send me all your videos from 5th February to 16th February :)

The end of Horrible Histories?

After the HH cast has officially announced new series called Yonderland, the rumour of the end of Horrible Histories series started to spread on Twitter. The fans tried to get more informaion about this rumour but it still wasn’t confirmed nor disconfirmed. But some tweets are highly in favour of the ending of the series:

especially this one:

I also wrote to Greg Jenner asking him whether there is anything truthful about this rumour and he wrote me this:

So maybe there is still some chance of HH cast creating more series of Horrible Histories. 

But if this rumour about the end of HH series is really true lets make #ThankYouHorribleHistories Trending Worldwide on Twitter!

Spread the world!


Hello to all lovely Horrible Historians,

I have already written a post about making Horrible Histories Thank You video, but I got only two videos (which are btw amazingly done) so far and as the series 5 of Horrible Histories is the last one I would be really grateful if more of you take part in it :) The original idea was to do a short video where you say why you like HH series and what it has given to you during those beautiful 5 years of its existence in 4 sentences maximum. BUT it does not have to be only this! If you do not feel like talking much you can say just Thank You or have some sign with “Thank You Horrible Histories” written on it…. you can also recreate some of your favourite sketches in honor of Horrible Histories…. Generally said, you can put whatever you want to in your part of Thank You Video  :) Just use your imagination ;) We did Idiots Assemble and guys really liked it and I think that they would love this video too, you just have to participate :)  Please send me all your vids to my e-mail address: horriblehistoriesfans@gmail.com. I will then put all your vids together and send it to the HH team! You can start sending me your vids from 10th June till 30th June 2013.

Please spread the world with this, because I would be really happy if all Horrible Historians take part in it! Xxxx

So lets do this! :)

Horrible Histories fans meeting

Hello to all of you, my lovely HH fans!
Today, I came to think whether there had ever been some meeting of Horrible Historians….so I’ve come up with an idea :) What about making the meeting of Horrible Histories fans? I think that this would be a perfect opportunity for all of us to get to know each other and maybe make many new friends with the same interests! And just imagine that massive group of HH fans chatting together :’)

So here is my question: Would any of you like to go to this meeting? It could probably take place someday in summer when we will have holidays.

So if you are pleased to join my idea of this massive HH fans meeting just message me or write a comment that you would come!

At first, I just need to know if there is any interest from your side and if it is, then I can start organising it :)

Have a nice day and let me know what you’re thinking about this :) Xxx

Today you could watch the last Horrible Histories Savage Songs special on CBBC which you can watch now at BBC iPlayer too: 

The songs in the last Savage Songs special were: Alexander the Great, Crassus, Vikings, Joan of Arc, Henry VII, Transportation, Charles Dickens, Rosa Parks, We’re History.

It is already possible to pre-order the fifth Horrible Histories series on DVD here:

ut it’s still not the end of Horrible Histories as we can still look forward to World War One special and Valentine’s Day special :)

And there is also happy news concerning Yonderland and BILL! It’s said that Yonderland premières on Sky One this autumn and the filming on BILL will start at the end of the year!

Horrible Histories fans meeting - more info

Hello to all HH fans again :)
I’ve seen that some of you are really interested and enthusiastic about HH meeting so I’ve decided to extend information about the place and date of this meeting :)
It would definitely take place in London but for now, I am not sure about the exact date, but it will be between the 20th and 27th August for sure.
So please, if any of you want to come to this meeting please write me a message here or on my personal blog (http://matulka4.tumblr.com/)! You do not have to like this post but it’s necessary for you to write me a message that you’d come. It is nothing official yet but I really need to know how many people will come, because I don’t know if it’s worth doing the meeting for 2 or 3 HH fans.
Enjoy the rest of your day :’) Xxx

PS - It would be fine if you will spread the world about the meeting :) Thank you so much :)

Idiots Assemble (deadline)

Hey guys :)

Today, it is the last day for you to send me your vids doing the “turn” on this e-mail: horriblehistoriesfans@gmail.com 
You still have time till 23:59 GMT :)
I also wrote the message to all of you, guys, who have already sent me your vids, concerning your names written in the final vid :) 
Thank you so much! :) Xxx

Horrible Histories Magazine

The second issue of Horrible Histories Magazine is out today and it costs £2.99!The next issue is called ‘Horrible Christmas Magazine’ and it will be released on Thursday 13th December.

PS - Horrible Historians who cannot buy the magazine, here is the link to the scans of it: http://hhmagazine.tumblr.com/tagged/151112