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My emotions are a combination of this:

and this:

Three at once? Jesus~ Welcome to my blog! Hope you enjoy! Feel free to talk to me anytime! ((Also OMG Samofabitch aka my Tumblr crush is following me…How in the world do I keep getting my Tumblr crushes to follow me?? This day is awesome!)) 

Okay, so my obsession with Logan Lerman and Alexander Ludwig has gotten out of hand.

Well, sorta. I mean all I do on the internet is troll their tumblr tags, twitter pages(and Zander replied me twice ASDFGHJKJKZZHS) etc.And I rarely post anything though(HHMTPF that was random)

And my friend and I have this motto or what ever you call it:

"Alexander is mine(me)

 Josh is yours (her)


And Logan is ours.”

And I’ve been thinking, if they make movie adaptations of the Heroes of Olympus series, Alexander should play Jason. And Logan as Percy. And my ovaries would explode from the hotness.

So… I like pie :B lolwut.

HHMTPF forever loving Ryan Higa.

"Dad, mom… I’m gay." *le gasp*
“Dad, Dad… I’m straight” *le gasp again*
“Dad…I’m mom.” *le gasp once again*

My reaction: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *tear* *tear* this man is a genius.

And I watched this during English class. So.. Yeah basically I was sitting there with my laptop giggling to myself.
Ain’t even mad.

And the quadruple-chinned substitute teacher didn’t even notice. HHMTPF