“It was my decision to trust you and pass my father’s research on to you. I also made the decision to join the academy in hopes of improving the lives of this country’s people. As much as I regret what’s happened, I can’t escape the fact that it was my choices that brought me to this position. I’m a killer, and no amount of denial or repentance can absolve me of that." - Riza Hawkeye

i love lost future for a lot of reasons but the main reason is CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT

EVERYONE got fantastic character development in LF! Luke with the statue, and how he showed complex emotions at the thought of having to leave the professor, but he isn’t nothing without the professor either. He gets along in America from what we hear, but he doesn’t forget him!! He’s always a big positive influence on his life.

and Flora actually following the boys??? She’s crafty and she isn’t passive! She isn’t going to sit around and play pretty when the boys are off having their adventures!! She shows complexity after being kidnapped by Clive, if you pay attention to her dialogue, she’s not fully convinced that she was as wronged by him as Hershel tells her. Did Clive tell her something? Does she understand him??? I really doubt the two of them would have sat in silence on that motorboat ride across the Thames. It makes me think what possibly could have transpired between them and that’s great!!

Hershel, of course, gets the five-star treatment in development!! We get a valid reason as to why he doesn’t remove his hat. A major fixture in the games! Before, we’re told that “a gentleman never removes his hat” and assume it’s part of his weird code. But when it’s revealed it’s pretty much a metaphor for him still wearing his love for Claire, and not moving on it brings a whole third dimension to his character. And THEN we see him without his hat!! Because he HAS moved on and that’s PERFECT. He looks out the window, ready to traverse what the future has to bring.

I COULD go into detail about the flawless Inspector Chelmey and how his comment toward Bill Hawks made me scream in happiness because it shows that he CARES and he won’t just comply with everything the Government has him do, even if he is an officer. And I COULD go into detail about Don Paolo and his character shaping care for Claire and his wishes for Flora to be taken good care of, but I think you get the idea ok end rant