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HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHY DID I WENT TO BEACH??? It didn't have wifi there, I missed two days of amazing drawings of all my beloved tumblrs ;-; I missed your art too ewe have a good day senpoi X3

Hey the important thing is that if you had fun there :3 Thanks, you are very kind x33 u too!

Heres some cute poth for you ^-^
i apologize for being inactive lately
school is just being mean to me TT^TT
and i apologize in advance if i will be inactive in the later future
((btw I need to improve my colouring skills DX))
i do not own them ^o^

goth by @nekophy
palette by @angexci


ok i made this video like… 2 months ago maybe but after like 2 days of work i started to neglect it and never worked on it again… it looks a bit bad but i wanted to share what i had

damn i want to remember this feeling forever i want to live in this feeling forever i’m so freakin proud of them even though i’m just a person they don’t know, they have changed my life so much and i know it’s kinda lame but they do. they have brought so many happiness and laughter to my life, they literally keep me going in hard times, and i’m so frustrated that i can’t pay them back, but hell tonight i feel so so so proud of bangtan, and us as fans, because finally we can give them something they deserve so so so much. thank you guys. thank you bangtan.