hhhhh cute


some of y’all gave me great ideas for additions to my redbubble so i went ahead and uploaded them today!! thank you so much for your suggestions ♡ 

(…the kirby stickers and peach phone case weren’t suggestions but i think theyre really adorable (・ω<) )

“I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus!?” -Lillie

AU where Alfred is a plus sized model and Ludwig is Mathew’s trainer, and Alfred comes to the gym one day to visit his brother. Ludwig thought he was totally cute but didn’t think much of it, and then some fuckboy at the gym talks shit about Alfred’s weight and Alfred, salty as hell, snaps back with a shady insult and a “I’m perfect as fuck” and now Ludwig is smitten by this gorgeous, confident man.

And of course Alfred is liking this German powerhouse very much and visits his brother at the gym often just to flirt and talk with Ludwig for a few minutes, sometimes distracting him from Mathew’s training.

Hhh and Ludwig going to one of Alfred’s photoshoots and just cannot take his eyes off of him.

Just think about it please

A quick collab with @pomnoichu! She gave me the honour of lining and colouring a super precious sketch of hers hhhhh <3 Look at em and I dare you to say that they are not presh ;A;

Sketch by @pomnoichu

Lines and colours by yours truly~ <3