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some of y’all gave me great ideas for additions to my redbubble so i went ahead and uploaded them today!! thank you so much for your suggestions ♡ 

(…the kirby stickers and peach phone case weren’t suggestions but i think theyre really adorable (・ω<) )

AU where Alfred is a plus sized model and Ludwig is Mathew’s trainer, and Alfred comes to the gym one day to visit his brother. Ludwig thought he was totally cute but didn’t think much of it, and then some fuckboy at the gym talks shit about Alfred’s weight and Alfred, salty as hell, snaps back with a shady insult and a “I’m perfect as fuck” and now Ludwig is smitten by this gorgeous, confident man.

And of course Alfred is liking this German powerhouse very much and visits his brother at the gym often just to flirt and talk with Ludwig for a few minutes, sometimes distracting him from Mathew’s training.

Hhh and Ludwig going to one of Alfred’s photoshoots and just cannot take his eyes off of him.

Just think about it please

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @picnokinesis!! :DDD (I know it’s no longer June 1st but shhhhhh)

Hhhh, I know how much you love axolotls, Ford, and the multiverse, so have Portal!Ford in a ‘verse that has giant axolotls roaming the land :’D 

Also, although you can’t see her feet, the largest one has five toes! So Ford is especially fascinated because he can relate a bit with the whole extra digit thing ahah

and have a short drabble under the cut! :D I have no idea what Ford’s personality is like, so I hope I did him some justice!

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Can I request an imagine with Shiro and his s/o steals his phone and takes lots of pictures of themselves? Like, silly faces, good looking faces, and intentional ugly faces? I'm sure they don't have phones on them, especially Shiro, but I just really like this idea.

“Y/N? Where’s my phone?” Shiro called, walking into his room, while still looking at you as you wandered past.

“It’s in your room.” You smiled, continuing past his room as he gave you a confused look.

“I swear I looked in here.” He said to himself, watching you disappear down the hall.

He looked on the desk as he entered, and there it sat. Glancing at the door then back at his phone, he picked it up and opened it. The screen showed the camera roll, where there were a lot of photos of you, some of those with the other paladins. Shiro couldn’t help but laugh at the faces you made in the photos, he scrolled through them.

In some of the photos, you were pulling silly faces, occasionally pulling Pidge or Keith in to pose with you, or Lance would be photobombing in the background. You took a few where you made yourself look ugly on purpose, Allura and Coran joined in on one of those. As Shiro reached the end of the photos he saw a few where you had taken nice photos of yourself, you looked amazing and he let out a small laugh. He smiled and tapped away at his phone before putting it down and leaving the room.

Later that night you sat on Shiro’s bed, waiting to use the bathroom, and picked up his phone to see what he did with your photos. You blushed when you saw he had changed his lock screen to one of the nicer pictures of you, with hearts edited onto it. 

Idk this is kinda bad XD but the idea is so cute hhhhh

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omg grouch have you heard loqi's dialogue from his second appearance at formouth garrison? bc 'you must be getting tired by now. here, let me put you to sleep.' makes it sound he's gonna tuck in noctis and kiss him on the forehead or something (honestly all of loqi's like. three lines of dialogue from that mission are gold but i cant get that imagery out of my head)

The sass in that voice tho is so good just mmmmmm. 
But also consider this!

Two stubborn babies.

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how do you think a 19 year old and 15 year old dating are cute u hhhhh ?

Because I have an opinion.

I have friends who are 16 and dating 23 year olds so I’m used to all of it, but it’s obviously different for you so I can’t judge.