Gladiolus Amicitia - 33 yrs

So…. I drew him…


I think you can see where i just lost my shit LOL

uhhh do i tag peeps????? *shrug* also be sure to click on them if youre on desktop or mobile!!! click it it gon be gud 

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New boi from Papy’s AU

Here’s the deaL, the swap bros and the ut bros are one family, like in the ref I drew, so the fell bros and maybe the swapfell bros will be one family. Both families are rivals. The AUs are mashed up you know, like everyone’s there and they’re basically rivals, yeeeee. I’ll explain more later.

But about dis boi, hee’s just gotta do what he’s gotta do, he is cold and dead inside- His name is ofc sans but there’s like four sans’ in this au so they all got nicknames and he’s called either Cherry or Red ooor Rose to a certain BBy hheheh it’s a pun with the name If anyone but the special person calls him Rose he’ll punch ‘em-


it’s seung gil lee’s birthday!! he makes a new friend <3