Okay so first drawing Is Layla as a Alicorn child ((yall can unfollow me now)) Solarious, and Phoenixia ((fun fact Lunanix was at first Phoenixia but I changed her this year))
2nd drawing is a random chibi I made in 7th grade in art when we were learning how to draw chibis.
The 3rd and 4th drawing was just some random dragon species I made up.
The 5th drawing is a cat persona of Iraq ((i know it’s stupid))
6th drawing is just Phoenixia.
7th drawing is my parrot!! ((And the quote on their was something my friend put on there))
8th drawing is Mangle appearing in front of the night guard. ((Hhhhhh i was Fnaf trash before))
9th drawing is my animatronic oc Phoebe the Phoenix ((SAVE ME))

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I'm just so annoyed abt nukaworld rn, bc honestly I thought it would b the dlc that would redeem Bethesda for me bc I ❤prewar shit, but all the beta testers are saying u have to b evil and betray the minutemen to explore everything and Im so mad???

Hhhh yeah i’m salty because i made a new oc specifically to play nuka world and GUESS WHAT!!! She’s a minuteman and would never hurt anyone without due cause lmaaaooo so WHOOP dee doo!!! There goes that!!! Her character would just never ever side with raiders. Just wouldn’t happen. So yeaaahhh turns out NONE of the dlc was good, and i’m just glad i paid $30 for the seasons pass as opposed to the $60(?) it was raised to. Im very upset just because of all the money people invested expecting top notch dlc (because the dlc to 3 and nv were very very good, nv’s being Fucking Spectacular) In Conclusion I’m Bitter

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Well anyways the first pt was just how i was raised to be trans/homophobic and didn't like the transrat hc because of this and found your blog and i saw all the hcs you had and trans advice. But seriously, im in tears now because i just got my hair cut short and i just got called sir in the store just a few minutes ago... Thank you sososo much

ahhhhh oh my gosh of course!!!!! I’m so happy that I could help!!!! and congratulations hhhh getting your hair cut short for the first time is always such like….an exhilarating thing I’m so happy for you

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Can I request a scenario? Royalty!s/o (♀)receive a four-leaf clover from florist!Kageyama which means "good luck" & "be mine"? And s/o don't know the second meaning until she find it coincidentally on Kageyama's book about flower's meaning?

Apologies for doing this so lately- I had it in the drafts and didn’t quite know how to finish it. 

I enjoyed doing this scenario, especially with the Royalty Au with florist!Kageyama hhhh

Do hit me if you feel the ending is a bit abrupt- I probably deserve it for not posting properly for so long and taking ages.

|| Admin Kazu

From the moment I saw you, I wanted you to be mine. No tricks, no anything, just as simple as that.

What Kageyama could remember from his childhood was a field of green, bright sunshine and a young girl that would always await him by the shady green trees. The days of youth would continue to pass as Kageyama and her grew older until one day, he went to the field, like he always did and she wasn’t there. Day after day he went there and as weeks passed by, hope slipped through his fingers and he never went back there.

There was one thing that Kageyama had kept from those days was that one promise. The fateful promise that would lead them together one day.

- Flashback Start-

“Tobio-chan!” A young girl called out as she spotted a boy in the distance coming closer. He stumbled into the clearing, eyes brightening as he spotted the person who was calling his name.

“F-For you…..” ‘Tobio-chan’ managed to stutter out, producing a dandelion and holding it out for the girl to hold. The white fluffs of the dandelions were still hovering above the flower as the harsh wind threatened to pull them away. Her eyes widened as she gingerly held the puff of white. She smiled.

“Thank you!” She exclaimed, a wide grin on her face, making the boy flush, his pale cheeks turning pink.

She examined them curiously before turning to them. “Ne ne Tobio-chan, do you know what they mean?”

The boy looked thoughtful for a while before looking at his companion. “Happiness and Faithfulness.” He answered, looking at the flower in her hands.

“You always seem to know.” She laughed a little, hiding her laughter behind a hand as the boy once again blushed pink.

“I-I….. Want to be a florist one day.” He admitted, turning away. He didn’t want to be mocked as the job itself seemed quite girly and his parents were against it sometimes.

“Sugoi! If you really become a florist, can I order flowers from you?” She asked, twirling the dandelion with thin fingers.

“I’ll give them to you.” He promised. She looked at him and held up a pinky, grinning.

“It’s a promise!” The male reached forth and entwined their pinkies together, sealing the promise.

As the tops of the dandelions carried off their seeds, they carried the promise of the two young children, not knowing how important it was until later they were brought together.

- Flashback End -

The black haired male had an annoyed look on his face as customers continued to flood through. His flower shop was one of the most popular ones in the main city, with many requests flooding in each day and people coming in and out. It didn’t help that the rest of the team working with him were mostly off due to the festival celebrating the coronation of the Princess, who had yet to choose a person to rule alongside her. If the bell rang one more time, he was going to be sure to send a scalding glare to the person.

After a few minutes, the florist managed to send a few people off with their flowers as a ring sounded the air. He turned to glare at the person as they threw of the hood of their cloak, revealing a familiar face.They looked around curiously before spotting a stunned, staring Kageyama at the counter.

“Tobio-chan!“ Her voice was full of surprise and delight as she ran up to the counter, bright smile on her face. “Long time no see!”

The florist was quiet as he tried to recall where he had see this person before. His mind clicked firstly with something. “Princess.” He answered stiffly, bowing in the same manner that his tone gave. She pouted. “____________ is fine! We were friends right? Best of friends!” She grinned as Kageyama blushed slightly at the loud declaration of friendship. While he appreciated the sentiment, what he actually wanted was something a little more. As the years had passed by since he last saw you in person, his feelings had continued to grow, the yearning of his heart expanding more and more, finally becoming the thing that was in fairytales. Love.

The crowd, who was still in the shop were having different reactions from this reunion, some of them stunned to silence that their Princess had appeared in front of them while others’ chatter were slowly growing in volume. “Sugawara-san……” He whispered to the grinning male beside him. “Can I take my break early?”
The silver haired male, slapped Kageyama’s back, sending him reeling. “Go get your lady-” He continued to grin as he watched the secret owner duck out, pulling the protesting girl out as he did.

“Are you coming?” She asked, as the two weaved in and out of crowds, Kageyama trying to lead them somewhere. “To where?” He asked, very much confused with what the girl was asking. The black haired male finally found the road that would lead him to where he wanted. “My coronation of course! What else?” She laughed a little at the boy’s obliviousness.

“Over 10 years and you’re still like this.” She teased, bringing forth the red hue upon Kageyama’s face once again. He attempts to ignore the comment as he reaches the entrance, diving in.

“Tobio-chan don’t ignore me-” ___________ was cut off  by the ground below her disappearing, along with Kageyama’s hold. The princess of the country let out a very unladylike squeal as she fell. She closed her eyes, bracing for the impact only to land in something soft.

Kageyama grunted at the girl’s weight, having wanted to catch her, but not expecting the additional mass that came with the dress that she was wearing. __________ opened her eyes to spot the blue sky above and a familiar setting. “It’s the field!” She exclaimed, forgetting a previous scare and the fact that Kageyama had been holding her as she hopped off, rushing off into the field towards the tall tree.

The male followed on, thinking about how people thought he was oblivious. It was clear that his female companion wasn’t any better.

“Tobio-chan, Tobio-chan, come climb the tree with me!” She exclaimed, already abandoning the high heels she wore in favour of scaling the tall tree. Kageyama shook his head, preferring to stay down here so he could catch ____________ if she fell from there. She continued to climb around as Kageyama bent down to look at the different types of botany. A glimpse of something unusual caught his eye and he delicately plucked the plant, observing it.

Four leaves. A clover. A thump behind him told him that the girl had come down, but he continued to examine the plant. “Lucky!” She exclaimed as she looked over to see the four leaf clover between the male’s fingers. Kageyama held it a little longer before looking at _____________. The meaning of four leaf clovers, as he recalled was ‘Good luck’. He then blushed at the realisation of the second meaning.

He held the clover towards his companion. “H-Here…..” He managed to get out. “For you.”

“Are you giving me a lucky charm?” She teased, looking from the clover to Kageyama. He nodded, not wanting to explain the second meaning. She would find out one day……

_____________ detected a ring of the bell, each toll telling her the time. “Oh my, I’m going to be late!” She rushed off, not before giving Kageyama a hug and a wave. “I’ll see you again Tobio-chan! Don’t be a stranger!”

Kageyama was left there, staring at the empty space previously occupied by her. After a few more looks around, he decided to head back to the shop as well.

Later on, ____________ was found in the bedroom, examining the clover that Kageyama gave her as she lay there. ‘Good luck did he say?’ She thought to herself as she twisted around the clover. Maybe she should have a check. Hopping off the bed, she went over to the shelf, pulling out the book that she had borrowed from Kageyama but never returned to him. She flipped through the pages before stopping on clovers.

Her eyes scanned the page as she saw the meaning.

‘The four leaf clover is rarely found; the chances being said to be 1:10,000. Each of the leaves symbolise a different thing; the first is for hope, second for faith, third for clarity and the last for luck. When it comes to flower symbolism, the four leaf clover typically symbolises good luck. However, it can also be taken for the meaning be mine.’

Her heart stopped at the words ‘Be mine’. Was Kageyama hinting…….

I don’t know how you will respond, so silently I wait. Only daring to confess in secret, in hope.

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Hhhh I hope this isn't a weird question, but would it be alright if I made a keychain or two from your adorable smol beans? I have no plans on selling any and I'll be sure to keep your watermark on them (as well as posting them here with a link back to you to ensure you get art credit)

/gasp/ sure sure! :^)

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plants: pick a person to stargaze with you and explain why you picked them.
I’d have to say… @umbrellaotaku
We went to a 4th of July fair and watched fireworks once
but I wanna hang out with them when it’s nice and quiet, just staring at those gentle twinkles, making the constellations in the sky as we laugh about some memories about our younger days. I sound so old saying this TBHFBVJXVB 
as for why, it’s because I’ve been friends with Ron for YEARS. I love them dearly