my bf brought some of his friends over to help us move some furniture and right now there are two DUDES standing !!!!!!!!! IN MY ROOM !!!!!!!!!!!! talking about video games help me this is my nightmare

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I'm sorry this is prob super late but I saw your post abt ur faerie Arthur blog and I just wanted to say that that was one of my favorite blogs! The art was so beautiful and your Arthur was absolutely sweet in the best way,I just??AAA I loVed it SM!!

WAA THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!! But for the reboot of the blog I’m planning out some sort of plot so I can be into it enough to update as often as I can and I’m afraid that his character might change a bit :,(

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my dude, i just saw your pcos post. i'm so fucking proud of you for being open about that. takes guts. *hugs* keep your chin up, man.

hhhh th so much that means a lot,, it gets rly hard sometimes n i feel super ashamed an it but it’s better than bottling it up