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I love the countdown series so much. A new one seems to always pop up when I'm having a bad time, and it gives me something to help motivate myself.

AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! T_________T This makes me so happy you don’t even knowwww.

I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling so great, but I’m happy I can make a difference in your day! Writing this series has been really cathartic for me, too. If anyone looks at my works on AO3, you can see that basically before Haikyuu!! I hadn’t written anything in quite awhile. Finding Haikyuu!! and all the really, really great people that follow it kind of opened a dam. I try to write almost every day and I try to stay engaged with the people I’m ‘meeting’ and stay open and excited even when it’s hard.

Countdown is like, a CONCENTRATED EFFORT to change the idea of fluff into something that’s substantial and important. Not filler. Not just happy, nothing happens, uninteresting, JUST kisses and butterflies and smiles (although there’s plenty of that). Sometimes I get a little miffed that people call this genre “fluff” when it’s about two young people who are falling deeply in love and they’re dedicating themselves to figuring stuff out and to each other even though they have NO IDEA what they’re doing…

That’s not fluff, or “filler.” That’s real life, just when it goes well. 

Like, not hating on the real, dark stuff that people write to help us all get through the tough things too… but I think depicting the characters we hold dear in idyllic situations is just as valuable. I want them to be happy. I want them to feel love without having to worry about what other people think… because I want that for other people, my friends and myself. TBH.

I’m SUPER SUPER pleased that you get a bit of happiness (and MOTIVATION - omg that flighty bastard) from reading my poorly conceived fic. omg. My inbox is always open when you want to talk about fic or real life too. 

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(3/3)"You see maple, I used to be obsessed with your friend. I actually planned to bring them to this same cabin, until they unfortunately went missing. At the time, I only joined in on your hunt to find them and bring them back where they belong, until I slowly realized that I could have never loved them as much as I love you now. All that evidence? Planted. I know people. You should have thought more carefully dear with who you trust. Because now you're /mine/" The best friend became the crush

Not gonna lie I didn’t see the plot twist coming I thought he would’ve kept both of them for his own. This was so good!

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(2/3) All the evidence they have found up until then was contradictory but in the end came out clear. She was hidden in a cabin far in the woods, seemingly at least 100 miles away from any decent civilization, but a road that comes close by 4 miles away from said cabin. How 2p Canada knew, doesn't matter. They set off to the cabin. When they get there, the best friend immediately ends up with a chain around your ankle. They scream at him for an explanation. He very "generously" explains.

I’m captivated