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Two Gays in an Arcade

(ahhhhhhh sorry this took forever writers block is horrible. I’m slowly getting back into my groove after taking such a long break so lets see how this goes) (no editing we die like men)

Request: If you’re still doing writing requests, can you do boyfriends with Michael winning a stuffed animal for Jer in a claw machine? If you get the chance, that’d be sweet. c: @justpidgance

Warnings: none​

The neon lights of the arcade Jeremy and Michael frequented twirled and spun as they stepped into the eye straining darkness. The frantic pops and pings from the different machine felt almost like a welcome. The attendant at the prize booth waved as they passed, and gave Michael a wink when they saw him holding Jeremy’s hand. Michael was thankfully for the lack of light as his face flushed.

“What do you wanna do first?” Jeremy nudged Michael, jolted him out of thoughts.

“Pac-Man?” Jeremy groaned and Michael smiled a bit when he pointed his finger accusingly at his face.

“You just want to beat the highscore don’t you?” Michael shrugged.

“Maybe I’m just in the mood for Pac-Man.”

“And it doesn’t have anything to do with GEM at the top of the scores?”

“I gonna take back my spot Jeremy, I’ve had it for five years and I’m not stopping now.”

The classic theme started up as Michael put in the last coin, and he leaned in as his focus switched to vengeance. After awhile Jeremy drifted away, since you can only watch someone else play a video game for so long before getting bored. Michael continued for a few more minutes until Blinky cornered him and the screen flashed GAME OVER.

“Shit.” Michael got second, only a hundred points away from first. He fished around in his pocket and found nothing. “Hey Jer-”, Michael looked up to find his best fr-boyfriend- was no where to be found. He frowned, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he set out to find him. He wandered, eyes roaming through the dark, and he breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Jeremy leaning against the arcade machine, gazing inside.

“Hey man what’s up?” Jeremy jumped like a startled rabbit as Michael clapped his shoulder.

“God Michael, don’t do that!” He brushed off imaginary dirt on his shirt. “What else do you wanna do?”

“Well, it looks like you want something in there right?” Jeremy blushed and nodded. Michael stuck his hand in his pocket for more coins, but sheepishly glanced back up at Jeremy.

“I, uh, don’t have any more coins. But I’ll get it for you!”

Jeremy snorted, and dropped a few coins onto Michael’s palm. “My hero.”

He straightened his shoulders and stepped up to the machine, eyes glinting with determination. With a quiet click the coins dropped in and the machine whirred to life. Jeremy pointed out what he wanted, and Michael got to work. A quick flick of the wrist shifted the claw slightly, and Michael stuck his tongue out in concentration, before Jeremy pushed it back in without looking. The claw swayed to the left, then to the right, and Michael went in for the kill.

And missed.

“Agh.” He thudded his head into the glass, and Jeremy gave him a little pat before offering him another coin. Focus regained, Michael lined up with the stuffed animal bellow, and let the claw drop. He fist pumped the air when the claw grabbed on, before slowly making its way to the drop zone and releasing the poor creature. Michael dipped down to retrieve it, and bowed low and presented it to his boyfriend with a flourish.

“For you my fair prince.” Jeremy gently took it, and did a mock curtsey.

“Why thank you, o generous knight.” Michael straightened and took Jeremy’s hand into his own as they set off for another machine. He bumped his shoulder against Jeremy.

“I can’t believe you wanted a dolphin you furry.”

“Shut up!”

The Crystal Kingdom Song (Cover)
The Crystal Kingdom Song (Cover)

so I recorded a cover of all the verses of the Crystal Kingdom song from The Adventure Zone! I really like the song tbh so I thought it would be fun to figure out and do a cover for ^^

I apologize for less-than-ideal quality of the audio, I used my phone to record this because I don’t have a better microphone… I also apologize for any mistakes! I haven’t really properly sang anything in a while so that’s why this probably isn’t the best, but… I tried haha

anyway, I hope y’all enjoy! :)

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