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Well, thank you all for following this blog and I will continue to post ridiculous shit that Karkat has said!

On a completely unrelated sidenote, today is my wriggling day! I don’t know what the fuck you’re supposed to do with this information, but still, 1,326 people. Wow.

  • Art teacher: no shading for right now, we’re just going to focus on contouring lines!
  • Also art teacher: yeah do whatever in your sketchbook as long as you have 4 pages done by this Friday
  • Me, a bastard with colored pencils and over 12 pages completed: >:) >:) >:)

bun-bunmuse  asked:

oh! uhmmm hi! I hope I'm no bother! But how tall is your gaster? Every time I've seen you draw him he seems so tall compare to how I draw mines! I sometimes think the only one in my gaster gang that can reach his height is Stars! (outertale!Gaster)

Heya Bun! no bother at all.<3 You’re right, my Gaster is inhumanly tall (even though I don’t always draw him that way for the sake of convenience, hhheh). 

The mystery man sprite is approximately 7′6″. To my eye, his proportions indicate he’s sitting down and/or slightly goop-ified, so I figure when corporeal and standing, Gaster should be upwards of 8′. Poor Stars… he probably isn’t used to being looked down at. D:

magicalmonsterhero  asked:

Who voices Bendy and/or Boris in your AU? I know Joey can't be Bendy's VA.

((hhheh, don’t be fooled just ‘cuz i said he has a soft voice, joey definitely voices bendy. boris…. i dunno yet. i doubt we’ll be finding that out in canon in chapter 5 with everything else that’s going on so i’ll just say it’s some random no-name background character.))

anonymous asked:

sick person is super congested and sneezy but "caretaker" tortures them whil sick. example like, rubbing their nose with a feather, tickling it, pepper, pinching it til their nose is all blocked and drippy

Thank you for the request! I love this but also it was hard to work it in and make everyone still be in character, so sorry if it’s a little strange lol. This takes place right before Viktor starts coaching Yuuri 

Sometimes everything feels just a little bit off, and there’s no concrete way to describe it.  When you come home to find the trash can on the left side of the kitchen, instead of the right. A small, insignificant, yet instrumental detail that tilts the entire earth off of its axis when changed. A feeling deep in your gut that tells you that something is just not right. Those times that feel like Deja vu, a glitch in the matrix, or it had happened before in a dream. Or maybe - you’re dreaming right now.

Yuuri’s bedspread had not always been that color, had it? He was pretty sure there wasn’t usually a jacuzzi inside of his room, either. When he turned back around, his idol, Viktor Nikiforov, was sprawled out on his bed. This was definitely a dream.

He was literally dreaming. It took a few moments to fully realize what that meant. There was an international sex symbol laying in his bed and he could do whatever he wanted because it wasn’t real life. The sheer possibility of it was staggering – where did he even start?

“Yuuuuri…” the dream-Viktor whined. “..I feel sick.”

Yuuri walked over to the bed and sat down. Now that he got a closer look, the man looked sick as a dog. His nose and cheeks were flushed a dark pink, and his body was gleaming with sweat. He sniffled thickly and scrubbed the underside of his nose with his fingers.

“I think I’m g-going to…hehhh….sne-ehhh……s-sneeze…hhhh…h’IKSHIEW!” Viktor wiped his nose on his sleeve and sniffed hard, trying to suck back everything that just came out.

“B-bless you,” he managed.

“I know you like me like this,” he said in a seductive tone. He grabbed Yuuri by the collar and pulled him down so they were face to face.

“What?!” Yuuri was horrified. Then, he remembered it was just a dream and breathed a sigh of relief.

“I have this terrible cold. Snnf. And my sneezes just keep getting…st-hhehh…stuck…” He let go of the collar and handed him a feather. “C-can you..hehh….hehh-help m-me?…..ehhh..heh……”

This was way too good to be true. It wasn’t true, but it sure felt real. He could see Viktor’s nostrils quivering, his nose crinkling up into his eyebrows in anticipation, his glassy eyes flutter. He could hear the desperate, hitching breaths followed by shaky, uncertain exhales. He could even feel the abnormally hot breath against his face.

Usually he would be too shy to do this sort of thing, but in this setting, there were no consequences. There was no judgement or limitations. He straddled Viktor and pinned him down at the shoulder, using his other hand to twirl the feather.

He started off slow, only tickling the rims of his nostrils. It was enough to elicit a sneeze or two from Viktor, but he was still hovering on the tortuous edge. His nose was starting to run in a constant stream; if he wasn’t hitching he was sniffling.

“Yu-hehhhh…Yuuuri…please…..m-more….hhhehhh…hh..-ETSHew!” he pleaded.

Yuuri was more than happy to oblige. No holding back now, he stuck the feather an inch or two up Viktor’s nostril and twirled. The effect was instantaneous.

“hhEKSHiew!…heKSHCH! EHktsh! EHKSh!…hhheh….hh…h-IKSSHH! KSH! KSH!”

His sneezing came in rapid-fire fits but Yuuri never took the feather out. Normally he would be afraid of hurting Viktor, or making him too uncomfortable, but here – he wanted to see just how far he could go. He took out another feather and put it in the other nostril.

Viktor’s sneezing came out even faster and higher pitched. The mucous started to dribble down his lips and chin. Yuuri’s hands were getting misted with each sneeze; he watched in utter fascination. He wondered what would happen if he put pepper on the feathers. That might be just a little too cruel.

Before he could test it out, he woke with a start. What a crazy amazing dream, he thought. 

His sister was knocking on his door. He shuffled to the door with the blanket wrapped around his shoulders and let her inside.

“You’re never going to guess who’s downstairs!” she exclaimed.

“Uh…who?” he asked sleepily.

“Viktor Nikiforov!”

diplomacy and snz

I’ve managed to become obsessed with a really specific scenario that involves  inter-dimensional trade negotiations, wherein our protagonist is required to be there, despite being ill-equipped to deal with the fae and 1) their subtle word games and 2) the Spring Court’s predilection for ridiculous amounts of flowers. Here’s most of the relevant bits!

He manages to keep his reaction subtle, just an extra blink here and a thoughtful nose rub there, though his face slowly develops a faint buzzing itch, deep-seated and barely there. It’s a light pressure in his sinuses, a graininess in his eyes, the way any sensation that touches his nose is magnified. It’s not the ostentatious display of allergic misery that his body is wont to throw, but rather dangling on the precipice, courting the possibility of sneezing, flirting with the urge to scrub at his face for an hour, which kindles his frustration.

His voice grows hoarse and congested, so he removes himself from verbal negotiations. He’s putting on the outward display of strength needed, torturing himself in the process. He holds his partner’s hand with an increasingly tight grip, until finally— finally they are finished for the day. He’s not stupid enough to believe that he is not the reason why. The delegation is led back to their rooms, where they settle in a loose circle within a privacy ward. He could cry with relief.

“Safe?” His adviser cocks her head, thinks for a moment, and nods. “Great. Ohhh—okayhhh—Itsch! hhIISHew—ISCHew! Hhiiihh … hhITSCHiew—ISHew! Snff! Hiiiihh— hhih-ITChiew! hhhITSH-iSH-ITShiew! Hhheh? Hhh-hICH-iiSH-ISHiew! iiISH! hh-URSHiew!” He scrubs his hands up and down his face, taking in a few short breaths before launching back into his much-needed sneezing fit. His party members are staring at him in horror and fascination as he hunches down, sneezing harshly into the crook of his elbow without seeming to slow. If anything, the sneezes are gaining momentum, bending his whole torso inwards, contorting his body in the desperate need to reject the airborne irritants, a need only strengthened by the suppression of the day.


“s..sorry,” He panted, nestling back into his chair with a creak, his hands joining hers in holding his throbbing stomach. “phew, i’m… stuffed to the sternum, hhheh… huff…”

“I believe it,” She wrapped her arms around him fully, touching foreheads with a smile, encroaching spaces outside of what these chairs were designed for.

- @sanssinquest , Chapter 9

A little late and a little rushed, but here is a b-day present for @prismportrait, the author of my favorite Undertum fic, Sans Sin Quest!

9- Wrangling the Goat Rodeo, cheesy penne bake & cafe lunch

(( Thanks for your patience everyone!! It’s finally time for political vendettas and lunch with a Goat Mom! There aren’t many warnings this chapter besides Sans getting squeezed in a tight space and nausea / brief mention of bile.

Somebody’s gonna get dunked on.

You can find the compilation of Sans’ Sin Quest chapters linked in the sidebar of this blog under “Masterpost”! Also, our ko-fi donation widget is there too, just in case you want to feed an irl skele with your love & money. ♥

Other’s work mention- Cinnamon Cafe and the owner, Cinnabunny, is by @here-comes-the-sinmobile , Lalka is an OC of @Undxrtummies, and Maybelle, who was mentioned, is an OC of @sanscutetum ! Montana is actually the author’s OC. ))

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