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if you have any overwatch trans headcanons you should draw/voice them! and if you don't, may i suggest trans man mccree!

heck heck hhhe ck i love the trans mccree headcanon so much and honestly if i could ever turn out to be half the man mccree is after my transition i will be so happy its such an inspiration to me… thank you so much for this suggestion anon i love you

have some of hanzo appreciating and smooching mccrees scars and being all supportive of him <3

sending my love out to all the trans people out there, we are strong and we deserve to be loved

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hhhe y al u got any advice on wht 2 do whn u ha te ur s elf so v mu ch

There are people who love you and want to help! Please take care of youself!

Things that make you feel like the hero that you are, are always worthwhile doing! Friends that support you or family that comforts you, books that give you sense of satisfaction or even foods that you treat yourself to every once in a while! All of these things are better than just isolating yourself

Remember when doing this you have to stay safe! Its to your discretion, but removing those extra negative voices is way better than listening to them- they just reinforce what youre telling yourself and its not true!

Talk to someone who you know will respond and understand! Lots of people can relate and have a lot of good advice to give! I trust your friends, family and so on know what to do and can help you through this!

Another few ideas I had were getting into a new ‘fandom’ or interest and making friends through that! School societies and online communities can be a good source of support and a lot of people use films, books, tv shows, etc etc to cope with their negative feelings- you might meet some kindred spirits and if not, hey! Youve found a new thing to enjoy!

Stay safe! Im holding your hand through this and you’ll always have my 100% support!

Imagine how the 5sos boys react when they find out you’re ticklish:


Ashton finds out on accident and gets scared because he didn’t expect you to be so ticklish


Calum gets overwhelmed by the cuteness of your giggle when hhhe accidentally pokes your side…He finds it so adorable he knows that he will do it again.


Luke just smirks at you…He figured that you were. Now he’s plotting on when he should tickle attack you.


Michael just starts smiling the second he finds out, because he loves hearing you laugh and can’t wait to make you laugh.