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It’s Not That Easy (Read on Ao3) - Chapter 1

Relationships: Black Hat x Dr. Flug

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff

Warnings for this chapter: Domestic violence, blades

Summary: flug’s day is really shitty

N/A: yay! first chapter! I had a bit of a trouble starting this fic, but I guess it’ll be easier starting from now!


Pieces of plastic were scattered at his feet.
It hurt. It hurt to see the most important gift he ever received broken in several pieces in front of him. And he couldn’t have done anything. He let them do it, as usual. What a coward.

Tears were starting to gather in his eyes but he held them back. If he started to cry now, he could say goodbye to getting home early. He had managed to survive with some scratches here and there, but the other kids weren’t too far away. If they saw him… he would get home covered in bruises and he was most likely to end up bleeding again. Because that’s so funny to them to open scars again that were recently healed. Slowly, he leaned and picked up the remains of his ex remote-controlled plane. It was impossible to fix it. His mother would have been devastated to learn that her gift had been ravaged this way… he rubbed his eyes.

His eyes were weird. His face was weird. His eyes weren’t both the same color, the right one was a very dark grey and the other a mix between grey and green. His mother had always told him he was the cutest little boy she knew, but now he had trouble believing in this reality.

The only normal thing about him was probably his brown hair, now messy with all these fights he got into during the day. Sighing, he finally decided to go home once the other kids left the park he had hidden in. Some old people were looking at him weirdly, but he didn’t care. They probably had pity on him but he didn’t need anybody’s pity. He knew how to take care of his troubles.

When he went home this evening, he noticed his father wasn’t home yet. He sighed in relief. His old man was really the last person he wanted to see right now. He headed to the kitchen, quickly grabbed some chips, ran upstairs in his room and locked himself up.

He sat down on his bed and began plugging some chips down his mouth while grabbing some book laid on his nightstand. He rapidly sunk into the story, brushing away the bad memories of the day.

Reading was one of his favorite thing to do when he was feeling bad. He always had a book to read with him, just so he could forget how miserable his damn life was. With the stories he would read, he could escape reality and leave his head full of dreams. And the book he was reading just now made him feel a whole lot better, actually.

What a shitty day it had been. He just wanted to do one thing now: go home and calm himself down with the help of his son. Yes, that would do. Entering the house, he noticed is son wasn’t downstairs. If he was already in his room, it would be even easier.

He needed to decompress. His was awfully stressed, his workload was astronomically important and he couldn’t fuck it up or else he would lose his job. And he knew exactly how he was going to relax.

He quickly grabbed a knife in the kitchen and headed up the stairs. He tried to open his son’s room, to no avail: it was locked. He knocked three times.

“I’m home,” he said coldly. “Open the door.”

As usual, he didn’t get any answer. He heard shifting at the other side of the door and after a moment of silence, the “click” of a door that’s getting unlocked. And there he was, his little son who would always help him with his stress. All he had to do was hurt him a little bit and his fear and the pleading look in his eyes would satisfy him everytime.

The young boy in front of him was looking to the ground, face expressionless. He was used to this and all he had to do was take it and wait until next time. This was all he was good for, really. Before doing anything, he needed a reason to punish him. Looking over his room quickly, he spotted his son’s plane toy, smashed in little pieces on his desk.

“What is this?” he asked, pointing at the object.

“M-mom’s gift.” the boy replied, “some kids sma-”

“Shut up, you ungrateful little fucker. Your mother did everything she could to buy you this toy, and what did you do? Break it? Is this a goddamn joke?!”

“N-no, dad! I-I promise I didn’t- didn’t do it on purpose! I-I’m so sorry!” the kid cried but he was soon interrupted by a hand taking hold of his neck.

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear your lame explanations. You broke it and you’ll get a punishment. This is all you’re here for anyway.”

His son only left out a choked whine, and the man let go of him before grabbing one of his shoulder firmly with one hand and dangerously approaching his face with the knife in his other hand.

“Now be a good boy and learn from your mistakes.”

And with that he started cutting deep into the young boy’s cheek. Deep enough to make him scream and cry all the tears in his body, but not deep enough to the point where he would have to get him to the hospital. He would usually scar him on his body, but he was tired of him, and tired of his job, so he went for the face instead, where everyone could see.

At this point all he wanted to do was ruin his son’s life until he would take it away himself. He wanted to get rid of him and be left alone without having to take care of an useless child who did nothing but stutter and whine about everything. Oh, how fucking weak he was.

“S-Stop- Stop! Ple-Please dad! Stop…!”

His begging never worked and yet he still had to try, of course. Like everytime. He wished his son could just shut up for once and let him do what he had to do. He deserved it, he deserved to be unhappy instead of himself. It was better for his useless son to be depressed rather than himself. Just the thought of it made him grin wildly.

Fifteen minutes passed before he stopped. On his kid’s cheek was a bloody scar, that went from his chin up to his nose. It was absolutely perfect. He finally felt satisfied and let go of him. With a huge smile, he made a move towards the door before turning again.

“When you die, it will be the happiest day of my life.”

And that was it. He left.

He hadn’t bother to try and heal his wound. He just cleaned up the blood and left it how it was. It was just another scar, adding to the hundreds he already had. His face was already weird, so he didn’t care. It just got it weirder is all. All he had to do was forget it.

Slowly, he lied down on his bed. He didn’t put pajamas on, he didn’t even eat a proper meal. All he wanted to do now was sleep and never wake up.

God he was so tired.

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