When you’re young and in love, everybody’s gonna try to talk you out of it. They’ll try to tell you you’re too young to know what you’re talking about, or whatever. And, hey, you know what? Maybe they’re right. But what’s wrong with finding out? What’s wrong with going through all the emotions and letting yourself feel something, as opposed to stopping yourself from getting excited about something just because you over analyze it?

So this is like my favorite song ever, but I just found this early version and… Is it possible that I like this even better??


For those of you asking about the vinyl version of “Light Me Up”, it was suggested to me that I take an awkward video of it, so there ya go! It’s mostly just the beginning and the end that are different. (It’s not just in my head, right?)

I swear to God when I am famous, I am not going to bring a date to any award shows. I will just let them fill in the seat next to me with a rando fan. Then I will ask that fan to act like my date for the night. Maybe even kiss them if I win. Just to confuse people. It will be a beautiful game that only my tumblr followers will be in on.

On Performing Invisible
  • Interviewer:When you are looking out into a Grammys audience, do you actually see anyone famous or are the stage lights too bright?
  • Hunter:Yeah, well, that's the problem. The curtain comes up and you make the mistake. You're like, 'I'm not looking'. Like, do that kind of quick glance. And the first person I saw was Bruno [Mars] and I was like, 'Forget it, I'm not looking at anybody'. I just stopped, I just couldn't. And I knew from rehearsals that when I'd end the song, I'd end it right up front in the centre and you know, in front of... Yeah, in front of Sir Paul [McCartney], of all people. So it's like, 'Forget it, I'm not looking at the audience'. I can't, I was too nervous. I had to look at the sky, look at the cameras, look at something else, the lights.

So as a follow-up to my post about how knowing Hunter Hayes directed an “I love you” at me makes my bad days easier…

On April 18, 2014, I saw Hunter Hayes at the Roanoke Civic Center.

It’s been a month now, but I just thought It’s never a bad time to share my favorite video of all time with the people of the internet.

Basically, I made two t-shirts that I personally designed for him, and tossed them on stage when he took a break from playing, because I was blessed with pit tickets.

The beginning is cut off, but his initial reaction was “Woah, flying objects!”, which is why there is laughter.

I hope this makes y'all as happy as it makes me, because everything he says is basically perfect <3

Tattoo Video

Okay but his hand motions when he’s like “There’s this thing that you do, you don’t know that it does something to me" are exactly what I picture when I hear Tattoo. He’s all "could we just pause for a second because I need to explain a thing to you and I don’t think you’re understanding quite yet”. Like actually acting out the song. It’s great.