So some of the HHers think that it’s that time again to try & get #WeNeedHHS2 trending this weekend.. From Saturday & Sunday. If you can help that would be great. The more help we have the better.. It’s not going to work if there is only 20 people tweeting.. I’ll do my best in trying to help. I suggest if you want it then tweet. We need to make our voices heard so spread the word.. 


I’ve been thinking about Cody’s interview where one of the girls asked why him and Britt weren’t together already. He said something about it would be awk if they did get together but broke up & then had to film season 2 (which will happen) . He NEVER said because he had a girlfriend…

The HHers will always stick together no matter what! We got each other’s backs! Like many times it has been said before we are a family.. We will believe what we believe and nothing else matters! I love you guys! You all inspire me in your own ways!