And Now Because She Asked For Them

Some Muslim/Hijabi headcanons for hheroes:

  • Mikey wanting to wear the hijab and asking April to wrap one for him
  • April sleeping over and the boys are surprised when they wake up early for training and see that she’s already up, but she’s only up to pray (There is no way I’m getting up this early to exercise. See you at 10am)
  • April fasting during Ramadan and the boys desperately trying to not eat in front of her (Although she’s been doing this for years and like hell that’s gonna break her)
  • Teaching the guys the whole point of hijab and why they will probably never see her hair (only women, and close male family members)
  • Or maybe she’s not that strict and only wears it when she’s in public and not around family
  • Ninja getup ala Burqa Avenger
Guys, I love you all more than words can say. Now please, let it go.

So this is going around, and I have to say that I am surprised and humbled by the people jumping in in my defense. But the thing that I have to point out, which I could see once I got over the initial shock, is that this is not an attack on me.

Furthermore, sushiturtles said something that I think is very important here:

I’ve never read FantasiaWandering’s stuff, so I don’t have an opinion on that. What I will say is that this confession is NOT “douchebaggery”. Just because someone expressed their less-than-stellar opinion on someone’s writing doesn’t mean he/she is just being a jerk. He/she didn’t say the stories were bad, they even said they respected the writer. He/she simply said that they themselves did not get the hype, and had seen better. Just because his/her opinion is not positive does not mean he/she is just being mean. He/she did not “trash” the writer. He/she did not say “don’t read FantasiaWandering’s stuff, it sucks”. What’s more, he/she is following what I like to call  “critic’s conduct” in which we center our feedback on the works, not the author themselves.

Now, what isn’t very nice is calling someone’s confession douchey just because the confessor is stating a negative opinion. He/she was respectful and civil, and they have every right to say they don’t like something on a public domain. It doesn’t matter how famous a writer is (BTW, famous writers don’t live in a vacuum. They hear criticisms on their work just as loudly as fan fiction writers do).

This here? Very valid point. I think what makes it come across as more negative than it is are both the image chosen, which implies an opinion that is perhaps more negative than the one actually expressed, and the “overhyped” and “underrated” part, which I will admit, confuses me a bit, as ff.net doesn’t actually have a ratings system, and as far as I know, I’ve never pushed my stories on anyone in any forum – if I have, I apologize for that.

I think also contributing to the response is the fact that, as far as I know, I’m the first to be singled out by on this particular tumblr for feedback that isn’t positive (correct me if I’m wrong, and I may well be, but I can only recall name mentions being things along the lines of “temperamental-turtle is my favourite RP-er). But I’ve gotten criticism, both positive and negative, on my professional work as well. It’s not new. The negative always hurts (I know plenty of pros in the field, and few of them can say that it doesn’t sting, just that they’ve learned to deal with it), because of COURSE you want people to like something you put time and effort into and you love (I wouldn’t put anything out there that I thought was crap). But not everybody is going to like it. And you deal.

But as sushiturtles pointed out, the poster restricted their commentary to my work, said they respected me, and didn’t actually resort to name-calling. Please, guys, don’t resort to namecalling in return. I know you’re trying to support me and all, but there are better ways to do it.

Love you all.

A surprise for both Ellamun and hheroes! uvu

A colored human!Raphaella based off the sketch that hheroes made back in March, with a few added tweaks like the lightning bolt shaved in the side of her head and the color of her skin was from Ella’s FC that was chosen for her.

And then I wanted to have fun and think that even though Ella’s got the strongest build she’s got some daaaaaaaaaamn, gurl curves and got stuck with the pear shape and biggest hips of all the sisters

Human Ella would also be the reason why none of the other sisters can get a boyfriend

  • annica:April/Karai/Leo OT3
  • windona:OH YES
  • windona:Leo bringing bento for a picnic in the park at night for all three
  • windona:Karai going to an Asian market and getting enough poki, mochi, and ramune for all of them
  • windona:Being complete dorks, showing off moves in the park
  • windona:Karai correcting April's stances
  • annica:And if anyone comes across them Leo has to hide in his shell and April and Karai have to pretend he's a pillow
  • windona:Or a fancy bench
  • windona:or statue
  • windona:And Karai invites people to sit on him

hheroes  asked:

NONONONO that storyboard isnt real i refuse to believe it they wouldnt jail karai in japan (i think???) with NO ONE AROUND TO BUST HER THE HELL OUT nope nooooope not happening nope







So I got tagged by lovely dorkinhighheels

01. What song is your personal anthem?

I’d like to say ‘Oh No!’ by Marina & the Diamonds but only the second stanza fits me :’D So maybe 'Don’t Stop’ by Foster the People.

Also Polish songs - 'Teraz Wiem’ by Szymon Wydra, 'Rollercoaster’ by Mrozu and opening for Shaman King (lyrics speaks to me on spiritual level haha)

02. If you could hang out with someone from the tmnt-verse for ONE day… who would it be? (ONLY ONE)

Hmmm. It would be Mikey. There’s no way to be bored with him. Or 2k12 Leo - so we could be dorks together.

03. Have you ever had salsa on eggs and did you like it?

No, yuck.

04. if it really came down to it, no holds barred, who would win in a fight: raph or leo?

That’s a hard one! I have no idea. Maybe Raph since he is not afraid to play dirty but on the other hand anger often blinds him so Leo might have an upper hand. See, it’s hard to decide.

05. fave cartoon/comic aside from tmnt:
Gravity Falls or Young Justice. As for comics - Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) and pre 52 Teen Titans.

06. do you tend to like villains or heroes more?
Team heroes all the way!

07. night or day?

08. dresses or pants?

09. Irma or Casey?
We didn’t get much Irma in tmnt 2k12 so I must say Casey. We both like subbed anime :D

10. Donut or Doughnut?

1. What’s one thing you want to do better?
It’s hard to chose just one thing. Probably drawing or vidding or dancing (I really have no idea how to move on the dancefloor :’D)

2. Who was your first OTP ever?
Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4 from KND.

3. What book would you like to see made into a movie adaptation?
I really can’t wait to see Mockingjay!

4. Which TMNT film is your favorite?
2k14 or the first one.

5. Cake or pie?

6. Favorite children’s book/story/fairy tale growing up?
Three walnuts for Cinderella. And Charmed Pitcher - Swedish fables (I don;t really remember any of them now huh)

7. How often do you write, if you write - or how often do you draw/paint/sketch/sculpt, etc?
I try to draw or edit videos as often as I can. Now, during summer vacation I draw almost everyday. Doing anything creative during college though is almost impossible. My studies have a rare gift to kill every inch of creativity in my body.

8. Fav television series of all time?
Friends! I can watch it all the time :D

9. One character you feel got completely screwed up/misinterpreted - in any fandom from book/Manga/comic to tv/big screen?
Welcome in new DCU 52. Also Louis and Clark in 'Man of Steel’. Man that movie sucks to hard.

10. How many marshmallows in your cocoa?

I’m tagging hheroes, chinadollysgraveyard (you can ignore tmnt questions hon :D), youngtitan213, starsiasestra, weapon13whitefang, fivenightsinjonatello and jesteskoperem.
Feel free to ingone it or answer just the questions you want :D

hheroes  asked:

tmnt go go go

bless you
  • character i’d like to see in a flower crown
all of them splinter and karai
  • character i’d like to see have an emotional breakdown
(ʘ‿ʘ✿) KARAI
  • character i’d like to see get punched in the face
raph sometimes idk they all get punched! 
  • character most likely to sing along to journey songs in the car
leo loves to sing, mikey sings along but get the lyrics wrong, donnie ignores them and raph fucking hates it
  • character most likely to step on lego
donnie and dexter packman
  • character who refuses to pull over and ask for directions on roadtrips
  • character who always stubs their toes on the washing machine
april and leo when it’s early
  • character who changes their starbucks order ten times
mikey and dogpound
  • character who shows up late for everything
mikey can’t tell time also probably casey
  • character who is the worst kisser
donnie overthinks everything and damn near chokes on his tongue, timothy too because ew
  • character who takes 45 minutes showers
raph and april
  • character who gets most bent out of shape over the pronunciation of gif

april leo and donnie have epic clashes over this and no one cares