So my sister (hheisenberg) is house-sitting for the friends he normally nanny’s for. Me and our other sister (jackwhitman) came over to walk to the bar around the corner. It was pouring so we decided to watch a scary movie on the Netflix and drink. We left for 10 minutes to buy liquor and when we came back a lock that isn’t normally locked is totally locked and we cannot get in. So picture 3 young women dressed up a little climbing on patio furniture and trying to open windows. After an hour of trying, whining, and getting soaking soaking wet we call our dad (because who else do you call?) and he tried to tell me how to jimmy a lock with a credit card but we’re helpless so he’s on his way to save us.
But I played with the card and finally heard the snap of the lock opening, we open the deadbolt (which is the only thing we have a key for) and VOILA we’re in.
I immediately opened the southern comfort and drank. I’m still incredulous that I was able to get the door open. Also I’m still not dry.