seasalt-lattae asked:

when you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. Check my blog to see what I said about you!

ahhhhh im not sure if i have to say smth nice abt the person who sent this to me but i want to heHEHE CORINNA thank you for sending me this and for the stuff you wrote about me. your fan art makes my heart smile tBH absolute fave :–) i hope to see more of ur cute art on my dash so i can cry 100000x !!! im glad we became friends and i hope we can be come closer ily man you’re ace af


jiminparks i’m…mae ive said so many nice stuff abt you i think it’s time i told everyone the bad stuff…..except there are none oMG my lil cupcake you’re absolutely precious ;; thank you for everything and for always supporting me w my writing and stuff sigHS i love you and your blog you lil munchkin we’ve been friends for almost a year iM WIPES A TEAR DROP you’re amazing ahhh muah

dandyjinyoung idk i saw u on the dash so i was like wtheck ok basically you’re my fave ever and i always enjoy talking to you…ima keep this pg-13 semi-homo in public but you know i can just dm you all the juicy homoerotic stuff wINKS ok im kidding but srsly ily man i hope one day you get your ass ripped by jinyoung or smth that’s the dream put on some cream (((anal without lubrication seems p painful)) ok whoops i went a little nc-17 for a bit im adios ily

sugatv hey there you gorgeous beautiful amazing human being i’m tear drops you’re p cool i still can’t believe u sent me those selcas im gonna cry myself to sleep wondering how someone could be so beautiful and also run a beautiful blog…sniffles..thanks for tweeting me taegi stuff i rly appreciate the death…ily 

ooyngi basically the cutest bts/lovelyz stan in the planet…your blog is beautiful like you and your soul and everything abt u…you’re an actual flower tBH i’m so glad we’re friends cos that means i’m friends with a flower???? that’s p cute imo ahhhh one day i’ll write you a better namseok fic!!! u..just wait…ok ily man 

vlientae the other one who enjoys my taegi deaths…thank you but also im going to kill you…im kidding i love ems so much sighs so cute and precious. thank u for the twitter indirects i love when u call me brilliant and amazing even tho it is a lie…lmao let’s die over taegi tgt..

barkzimin yanna iDK i already wrote 5 but i feel like i had to include you…cos yanna ????? who else in the planet is dying inside everyday because of jikook?? only u bae…also your fan fic recs give me so much strength i could wrestle an entire pack of wolves. amazing. thanks i hope we can resume crying over jikook until we’re in our graves you precious bae ily man