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I got to meet you at the Hayley Kiyoko concert tonight and it was amazing!!!! Thank you for being so nice! (also i was the one who yelled that the drummer was hot lmao)

I was so overwhelmed by all the love I got tonight! everyone was so sweet and ahhh bless ❤

and hhahha that was you?! when you yelled that @toomuchducky and i were like “same”

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Hi!! I would like to request where RFA + V and Saeran react to finding out MC is a doctor! ^_^ Thank you!! :DD

yaa ofc~ Sorry this is kinda late, I was away haha ><;; I hope you like this Anon!


  • he was cooking when he suddenly knocked on MC’s door
  • “MC, I cut myself, do you know where the band-aids are?”
  • her eyes traveled to his bleeding finger and without another thought, she pulled him into her seat and grabbed her first aid kit… or more like extensive aid kit
  • Yoosung widened his eyes at the sight of it 
  • why does she have something that intense?
  • “Yoosung this might hurt but don’t flinch, we don’t want to increase the blood flow.”
  • increase the blood flow?? 
  • “MC why are you talking like some sort of- ow!”
  • “Ahh dammit you broke the blood clot”
  • “MC are you…?”
  • “A doctor? Yea, but I hardly do such simple operations haha. I guess I’m a little rusty.”
  • oh my God rusty? simple OPERATIONS? 
  • MC was an almighty surgeon holy


  • he came back from practice feeling more tired than ever
  • “MC, I’m home, what’s for din-”
  • before he could finish, fell unconscious and slammed hard into the floor
  • ouch
  • he woke up to the smell of disinfectants in the air and the light beeps and whirrs of several medical devices
  • someone was hovering over him
  • she had long beautiful hair, and a pretty smile
  • she looked so much like MC
  • “Doctor, he seems to have regained his consciousness” another voice said
  • his eyes focused better
  • shit it really was MC
  • “Mr. Ryu, you can’t keep over working yourself. I’m on shift now, so rest up until I leave.”
  • dude she was so cool omg


  • Jaehee woke up with heavy eyes and a really bad headache
  • most likely from staying up late and working all the time
  • “MC, can you get some water?” she croaked
  • MC came in with water, but after taking one look at Jaehee she could tell that she had a fever, and a high one at that
  • “Don’t move, Jaehee, I’m going to help you call in sick, you can’t go to work today”
  • “But Mr. Han will-”
  • “I’ll talk to Jumin, now sit still while I get you some meds, don’t even think of leaving the bed.”
  • MC sounded like a nurse taking care of a difficult patient 
  • with that, Jaehee fell asleep
  • when she woke up, she saw MC bringing in a IV drip
  • “MC! What is that?!”
  • she did not like the fact that there was fluid being injected into her 
  • “My personal IV drip, all doctors at my hospital have a mini one in case of sudden emergencies.”
  • MC was… a doctor?


  • he had a horrible day at work, and the last thing he needed was for someone to lecture him
  • yet, there he was being scolded by MC for not eating his lunch
  • she just kept talking and talking and oh my God he was getting real pissed 
  • “You know MC, it’s not your business whether or not I eat. My body belongs to me so you don’t need to worry over it. Just take care of yourself first!” he threw his wine glass to the floor
  • as the delicate glass shattered, some bounced back and scraped his arm
  • the pain brought back his composure and he reached for his phone to call his personal doctor 
  • “What do you think you’re doing?! God, Jumin, put your phone down and sit. Don’t move.”
  • MC came back with her work bag and started pulling out a whole bunch of stuff
  • disinfectants, gauze, surgical equipment, etc. 
  • why did she have all this? 
  • “Who do you think you were gonna call?”
  • “My doctor…”
  • “What kind of stupid idiot calls a doctor when there’s one right here?”
  • one right here? 
  • “MC, you’re a doctor?”
  • MC looked at him in disbelief “Uh yea, thought you knew. Anyway stop moving, I need to clean your wound.”
  • oopsie that was embarrassing


  • he was sure he knew everything about MC and MC was sure of it too
  • but apparently there was one thing the didn’t know
  • MC came home late every day and Seven didn’t understand why
  • he assumed she had a regular office job but what was with the irregular work hours? 
  • sometimes she’d leave in the middle of the night and sometimes she wouldn’t even come home until the sun rose
  • and man did she look dead inside out
  • “MC, why do you always come home so late?”
  • “Because of my job.”
  • “What job has such odd hours? Are you secretly a hacker or something?”
  • “I’m a doctor, Seven, you know the ones who save lives? That’s why I’m on call 24/7.”
  • ohh 
  • “How did I not know of this?!”
  • “I don’t know, you tell me, you’re the hacker here.”
  • “Wait so you can do first aid and all that too?”
  • “Yes, Seven.”
  • “Okay then can you do first aid on my shin? I bumped it this morning. I’m sure as a professional you know that kisses heal all boo-boos”
  • still the same old seven =_=


  • he was minding his own business you know probably sharpening knifes lol 
  • and bam! he cuts himself 
  • eh, pretty normal for him so he just throws paper towel over it to clot the blood
  • MC starts screaming 
  • “What?” he loosely throws away the towel 
  • MC runs over, grabs his arm, sits his ass down and pulls out a ridiculously large bag
  • she rips out just about a million tools and starting disinfecting his cut 
  • all was good until she pulls out a needle
  • he pulls away his hand roughly and it starts to bleed again
  • “I need to numb your hand or when I use this thread it will hurt a lot”
  • “NO”
  • so MC proceeded her surgical procedure with no numbing and he had a surprisingly high pain tolerance 
  • “MC, why do you have all this stuff anyway?”
  • “Because I’m a doctor you little poop, and that cut you had would NEVER heal itself properly without medical attention.”
  • “Then can you check my other cuts? ”
  • “SAERAN”
  • he laughed at her reaction but enjoyed MC’s very extensive body check up ;)


  • he sorta knew what job MC had given her irregular hours and the constant research she had to do
  • she was some sort of medical personnel but he didn’t know which 
  • all of a sudden, one day, MC woke him up and dragged him into her car
  • “Where are we going?“ 
  • “To the hospital.”
  • “What? Why? Don’t you have work today?’
  • “That is where I work, and today you’re part of it.”
  • it wasn’t until the nurse told him to rest on a bed wearing nothing but a hospital robe did he realize that he was going in for surgery
  • SURGERY???? 
  • he got pushed into the surgical room and he felt the presence of about 4 people
  • “We’re about to start a cornea transplant surgery. It will be over in about 3 hours, Mr. Kim. Today we have 2 doctors including myself and 2 nurses to aid with this procedure.” her voice sounded mechanical, like she had said the same thing too many times 
  • but then she leaned in “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you can see the sun again.” she whispered into his left ear
  • MC had took his words seriously, he only said he wished he could see the sun a one time… 

hhahha oops idk if you can call these HC’s they’re almost like scenarios (sorry ><)

~Cherry L.

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