Check Out How To Apply Eye Makeup According To Your Eye Shape!
Never forget that every woman is beautiful and unique the way nature created her. But it is also true that some make-up can make a woman even more charming. To tell the truth, it can sometimes spoil everything. So don't hesitate to check out the following eye make-up tricks which will emphasize your individuality and grace! First...

tbh one of my fav things about steve rogers is the faces he makes during fights like

could u imagine fighting this tough 200 pound brick house of dude and all u see is that 

or that

or ??? this??? he literally looks like a turtle???? an actual ninja turtle of freedom???

and his “OH SHIT” face is so iconic™????

ok here he honestly looks like he smelled a bad fart & can’t escape it im so????



In other news, I went to read Rick’s Q & A and … I got the feeling that Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang and Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano are close …