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Calm before the storm

Coloured frame from my Don’t Break This Deal crossover comic, about Wirt and Bill sharing one body. If you think Bill is the only problem of this story, then you are wrong. It’s only the beggining.

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hey so my callout post for @stimmylove has been makin rounds and of course i managed to attract terfs! im pretty sure theyre on blocklists but jic.

to be completely clear i thought it was a joke at first. i misread a couple of their posts, i guess i was tired. i always tend to check.

the terfs:

@huliganjettaa @confirmed-terfs @tygerofaera

once again can i grab a boost from @gaypitbull @softanti @knife-dad-against-maps @sjw-dog @sluti-snek

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: sometimes I still look at Kataomoi Finally and have to take a step back cause I’m just fazed at the amount of gay on this MV. I remember years ago when I saw it for the first time and how it basically starts like 1, 2 ,3… and WHAM! let the gayness start. And Like it’s still unbelievable to me that a music video with this amount of gayness it’s real so I pause it and take a break to remember this is real life. and it’s not only like gay as in ‘there’s these girls and they’re kinda of gay and look at them go’ no, no no like, there’s an actual story and angst and concepts about lost youth, treason, and finding yourself at the end of everything, and then I think how we’ve been ROBBED of they gayest drama we could ever have and this PV shows us pieces of how good it would’ve been like I didn’t even ask for that much back then maybe a 10 mini drama like Maeeshika Mukane or a long ass introduction like Tsuyogari Dokei (like why was that vid so long it was just a B-side anyways not that I’m complaining) like I want. to know. more.why was this school so gay.  Show me how heart broken JealousGirl was when Oblivious Girl went to school wearing the lock necklace she had originally giving to 14yo pimp?? Like if u see closely Oblivious Girl went to school wearing the lock necklace all proud of herself. and like shit I would too. after that i c o n i c scene when 14yo fuckboy and her are so into the world of sin and gayness™  that they couldn’t give less of a fuCK abt two fucking cars crashing in front of them . And what was up with that one that calls the 14yearoldpimp in class and then apparently has sex with Jealous Girl at a hotel like that bitch was no saint either. what’s her story. and does this all tie in the theme of Unrequited love cause everything spirals out of control cause their feelings weren’t returned properly?? like even tho the 14year old pimp was all about that Yuri she couldn’t in fact feel the same love for them and so this makes it a different kind of-


Soul Eater // Fem!Soul x Maka

oooo tsarodat and I were talking about fem!SoMa the other day and we just got the idea that Maka would be a mechanic, in an overall and dirty arms and gloves. ;v; And Soulie just came around because there is something off with her motorcycle and she has noooo idea what it could be..? ;v; 

pigeon-pigeoff  asked:

You asked for Skysolo headcanons so here you go! If they're just sitting around, Luke will subconsciously scoot closer to Han and Han will get really flustered.

hhaha omg that’s such a cute headcanon !!

I also imagine Luke being really touchy since he’s a farm boy n such and Han isn’t used to such affection and he’s rather shy about it.

wip 8ver of my own trickster design and imagine she’s swinging on a white and pink candy (that’s twisted) swing