I’ll answer these together, two birds one stone ect.

Lucius is basically the ‘agony aunt’ of the Legion. The young, unconfident and just plain scared recruits all go to him as he’s more or less an ear to talk off to them. He tries to excuse himself from Caesar’s tent at various intervals so the recruits can see him without having some 6ft brute praetorian glowering down at them for asking to enter the tent. 

Also; Lucius will take whatever the kids tell him to the grave. Some even confined about feelings towards other men which is obviously Not Allowed™ at this point in the legion so theyre scared of what’ll happen, Lucius offers as much support and guidance as he can for these kids.

And here’s the kicker: “Lady Tremaine learned the lesson that Regina didn’t, which is don’t keep them all together where one day they can find themselves, push them the hell out!” Kitsis exclaims. “You push them the hell out and you gentrify the neighborhood and you bring in a cold press juicer and they can’t afford it anymore, then you won’t worry about the Pied Piper finding, you know, Alice.”

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That was supposed to be english, right?