sometimes i think about dirk calling himself “a…

that’s been my blog title for so long because i think it’s so funny



sometimes i think about dirk calling himself “a…

a heart player who’s a stone cold motherfucker

another good part about that part is that he could have easily went with “heartless” like he said jane felt lifeless and jake felt hopeless. heartless has way more connotations of lacking compassion than lacking emotion. he was literally just ripping on himself for being insensitive and selfish and he goes on to repeat that literally right after this.

BUT NO. he has to reiterate that he is just too tragically inhuman and also tragically cool to feel things, and that is why he wasn’t the session’s leader. his lack of caring about anything got in the way. dirk strider cannot accomplish anything constructive because he is too dispassionate. imagaine what he’d be capable of if only he felt things more intensely. it is a god damn shame


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i think bro mustve been as insecure as dirk. actually i think it's why he pushed dave to be so "cool" etc. theres option one of him putting himself under a lot of pressure to fit this model of hyper masculinity, & b/c thats the only way bro values himself, it also becomes the only way dave values himself. or option 2 of bro not wanting dave to feel as insecure as he felt as a kid, forcing him into a persona that wont embarrass him instead of teaching him to love himself b/c thats bro 4 u. :\

i think i’ve always headcanoned that him teaching dave all that was just his way of teaching dave to be strong and of making sure dave could take care of himself, plus partially subconscious projecting himself onto dave because he also thinks he himself is strong and so if he wants dave to be strong then dave needs to be like him. plus also just general arrogance and thinking he’s great and he wants dave to be great and in a way sees him like his personal project

but wow adding genuine insecurity to that (besides the “dave will die if i don’t toughen him up” thing) is osmething i never considered but yeah it’s totally likely he projected his own insecurities onto dave like that… god

OH also i remember some time after the quest crypt alpha convos where dirk said he’s always felt like you could destroy someone with effusive praise, revtomdildomolar (i think) said something like bro was probably always monologuing to mom lalonde about what a great and nice and amazing kid dave was but of course he never said any of that to dave. and. that’s another good one to think about

also i didnt mean that as an excuse for bros abusive parenting; i find it unforgivable. it’s just a reason.

yeah dw you’re fine <3

  • Artist: Val Mayerik
  • Card Name: Task Mage Assembly
  • Card Number: no 105
  • Card Text: When there are no creatures on the battlefield, sacrifice Task Mage Assembly. [2]: Task Mage Assembly deals 1 damage to target creature. Any player may activate this ability but only any time he or she could cast a sorcery.
  • Community Rating: 2 to 2.99
  • Converted Mana Cost: 3
  • Expansion: Prophecy
  • Mana Cost: [2][Red]
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Types: Enchantment
  • Rachel:You're not subtle at all, y'know? Like, we are not together for a reason and it's not fair to remind me of how hot he is whenever we're all in the same place.
  • Rachel:Especially when I am sure there are plenty of your other single friends ready to open their legs for him.