lmao the jake tag is so awkward to be in rn because so many people are happy about aro jake and i sympathize w that feel, but i’m just like… there’s a good chance that’s gonna get directly jossed…….. and they’re gonna be soooo disappointed and angry and feel cheated about it, and i can also sympathize w that feel and i don’t want anyone to feel it, but i also don’t wanna be like “i think you’re misinterpreting this in a huge way and are only setting yourself up for disappointment”, so i’m stuck just kinda watching people celebrate and cringing internally

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I think that the main thing that bothers me about the PSA is just that they seem like they're kind of going out of their way to piss people off. That just seems kind of immature to me, but I guess I overall trust that they know what they're doing

I honestly am not sure why they went ahead and posted it. Like I agree with the video, but like. In all honesty they didnt want to show tucker’s skin color because it’d cause a ruckus. 

Backpacker Photography © turns 3!

Today is Backpacker Photography’s 3rd birthday!

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped this grow from a small pet project, looking to share some of my experiences with the world, into a travel blog with over 34,000 wandering followers.

I hope to keep providing travel inspiration and glimpses into foreign lands for many years to come. In the meantime, keep exploring and discovering new experiences. Escape the routine, the world is out there waiting for you.

James - Backpacker Photography  ©

also im ngl being told jake is Definitely Canon Aro And If You Disagree You Are Arophobic feels personally invalidating to me + lacking in context and nuance in ways that are irritating for reasons of applying to me personally + inconsiderate of what is a good healthy way to parse a situation that i relate to a lot

can we just. undo this upd8. it somehow manages to be an all-around bad move for everyone

I didn’t go inside of Japan Expo today, but I met up with some people right outside and got gifted with high-class chocolates by sauvechouris in the process (thank yoooooou!!!) /o/
It was a really cool late afternoon/early evening! It rained a little (not for long, but pretty intensively) this afternoon, so the air was clear after the hottest hours, and the late sun was sweet instead of aggressive. I met up with sauvechouris (who had forgotten about commissions waiting inside, and couldn’t go back in after exiting the con, so a friend who was still inside got them for us. I quickly thumbed through the LGBT+ fanzine, it does seem really great indeed *w*), then with laitue and flo-nelja (who handed me the Zetsuen no Tempest goodies: Aza, it’s for you!), quickly saw Kalista and pwassone, and then met up with Lialée (whom I hadn’t seen in… two years?) and once again Shi and Kei. We spent some time outside talking about life-experiences and Marvel, it was super nice /o/


Yusufeli'ndeki kazada 3 kişi hayatını kaybetti

Yusufeli'ndeki kazada 3 kişi hayatını kaybetti


ARTVİN (CİHAN)- Erzurum'un Uzundere ilçesinden, Artvin'in Yusufeli ilçesine gitmek için yola çıkan, Abdurrahman Canlı'nın kullandığı araç, Yusufeli'ne yaklaşık 5 km kala Çoruh Nehri'ne uçtu.Yoldan geçenlerin kazayı fark edip emniyet güçlerine haber vermesi ile olay yerine kurtarma ekipleri geldi…. Haberin devamı: http://habersizkalma.org/2015/07/06/yusufelindeki-kazada-3-kisi-hayatini-kaybetti/

odin arrow: g-gil?? nah what a jerk what a — [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of gil spill out of jacket] w-what  a fcking asshole i these aren’t mine I’m just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen I just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of gil scatter across the floor] shit fuck I’m holding them for a friend just l-l-LISTEN