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I was showing some friends an art meme i thought was cute and this is what they prompted me with 👌🏼

AAIR HH version (A1), Eid & Mu (C1), AAIR Gifted AU (B3), Zeke & Wei Ren (A3)

Also bonus Rire in R3 from this meme 😂


NEW VIDEO! Hunter Hayes - Yesterday’s Song (Exclusive YouTube 360 Video)

Yay look a video of me where you don’t see my face once

Honestly I’m probably going to delete this?? I’m not proud of it and I made a lot of mistakes, but I wrote this last night at 2 am and I wanted to post it somewhere

Believe it or not there’s a fACE underneath that MASS of HAIR

Here’s “Maybe”, hope you can get some enjoyment out of this mess

Reasons I am eternally grateful to Horrible Histories:
  • Portrayed Mary Tudor as well-rounded and sympathetic, noted her good points as well as her bad, and portrayed her as never intending a lot of the bad things that happened during her reign, instead of just portraying her as a pure evil demon queen
  • (Also gave Mary Tudor a catchy song that featured my fave HH song lyric: “But there’s no need to worry if at first you don’t succeed”)
  • Portrayed Anne of Cleves as not ugly and quite pretty, and a nice person,but her and Henry just not liking each other in that way
  • Never once had Henry call her ugly or unnattractive
  • Portrayed Henry and Anne of Cleves divorcing on good and friendly mutual terms
  • Seriously
  • I legit cried
  • Four for you Horrible Histories
  • You go Horrible Histories

Now if the children’s comedy can get it right, why can’t serious dramas and proper adult documentaries? 

Butterflies and Hurricanes

“You’ll never beat me. I’m best at moaning, I’m used to it. After all, I’m such a bad little cockslut, aren’t I? Come on, Phil, fuck me, fuck me so hard I can’t walk home,” Dan turns around, just in time for Phil’s lips to be placed against his own, taking him by surprise. He feels someone pull his fingers out of himself, and Phil replaces them with his own, adding a third just to make sure that Dan isn’t hurt.

“I want,” Dan starts, interrupting himself with a moan, “to ride you,”

“Oh, fuck," 

Warnings: Dirty talk, fingering, voyeurism, powerbottom!Dan, dom!Phil, riding, public sex on a piano (it’s an au where dan is a professional pianist oo)

A/N: dedicated to ma biffle i hope this is everything you ever dreamed of (now give me that sherlock crossover)

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I'm such a Horrible Histories nerd

Psychic: *trying to read my mind*

My Mind: William, William, Henry, Stephen
Henry, Richard, John, oi! 
Henry, Ed, Ed, Ed, Rich two
Then three more Henrys join our song
Edward, Edward, Rich the third
Henry, Henry, Ed again
Mary one, good Queen Bess
Jimmy, Charles and Charles and then
Jim, Will, Mary, Anna Gloria
George, George, George, George
Will, Victoria
Edward, George, Edward, George six,
And Queen Liz two completes the mix!

Psychic: ……. wtf?

hullo! heres the scene from the ball! its more of a colored sketch but I hope you like! ah h h h I didnt realize your tumblr played You can be king again and now im crying cuz i love this song ah hh hhhhhhhh!


Omg this is so beautiful??? They are so beautiful? And cute too?

I woke up to this and now I know that this day is going to be amazing, thank you ^^

Seriously, I love it, thank you so much !!

And yeaaaah !! I love this song too ! :D :D

-mod lili

What Are Friends For?

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What Are Friends For?

You were absently cleaning around the house when the bright and all too familiar sound of Jooheon’s voice came from the tv. You couldn’t help but smile seeing him there. You’d known Monsta X since they were trainees, and even though it’s only been a year, they all came so far.

Looking over at Gunhee’s studio door you sighed. Lately your boyfriend had been pretty on edge. He wasn’t normally a high strong person, and you knew the stress from his new EP was getting to him. You hated feeling that helpless. If there was something he needed right now it was his best friend, and as much as you loved him, it wasn’t you.

“Gunhee?” You knocked on his door, poking your head inside. “Dinner’s almost ready”

His shoulders were slumped as he raked his hands through his hair. “Ok, Jagi”

And that was all he said before getting up and following you out. If this was a few months ago, you would have had to drag him out of his studio. If he was in the zone, there was no stopping him. But as time went on, it was starting to feel like the more successful Monsta X got, the less motivated he was.

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