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Ah geez! You’re so sweet! 💖 I haven’t had one of these since what-? Grade school??? Aha- It really takes me back. Thank you so much!! Happy Valentine’s day to you too! ☺💕

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Hey darqx! Your art style really cheers me up somehow, it's very clean sketchy sorta lines but at the same time there's so much detail and it's incredible! Also, how do demon-Izm's eyes work? Does he see kinda panoramic view like is typical of animals with horizontal pupils? Full color? I wish I could talk to you more like I get to talk to Gato and EP but I know there's a huge time zone difference ahah... I have a whole bunch of questions but I don't wanna overwhelm ya!

(´∀`)♡ HHHHHHH i’m yelling cos that is so lovely of you thank you?? You guys liking my art or being happy to see it gives me life like you wouldn’t believe. Also AHAHA yeah timezones are the devil… I s2g everyone i know is in America or thereabouts 90% of the time |D What are you guys all doing over there??!

Yes kinda! Demon!Izm has full colour vision and a bit of a wider “normal” field of view than a human, so his blind spot is further back. For eg if you look straight ahead and hold your hands up parallel with your ears, you cant really see them unless you turn your head slightly or look off to a side. If Izm did that, he’d be able to see his hands in his normal field of view whilst technically still looking straight ahead. It makes it harder for people to sneak up on him :B

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I don't understand why people are attacking you for being optimistic. I'm not, and I'm not planning to watch s7, but everyone gets to make their own decisions. I've had people be nasty to me, say I'm not a "true fan" (even though I watched loyally for 6 years). You make your own choices and don't let anyone tell you what to do, ok? Also, if you can share why you're optimistic about s7, I'd really be happy to hear it. ; ) I just want Emma to have her happy ending with Killian.

I’m sorry you’ve had nasty people come your way as well, Nonnie. You’re right - we all make our own choices, and no one should tell us that we are wrong for what we decide is best for us. I know people who go from one end of the spectrum to the other on this matter. I have friends who are excited like I am, friends in the middle who are waiting to see what happens before really reacting, and friends who have outright said S6 was where the show ended for them. And all those reactions/feelings are valid and should be respected. 

And I’d love to share why I’m optimistic about S7! 

It’s a combination of things, really. I know a lot of people don’t like or trust A&E but I do, at least to the extent of knowing they wouldn’t destroy the happy ending of the princess they created and nurtured for 6 years. A requel is scary but at the same really exciting! We’ve got some returning characters but a whole lot of brand new characters, and the concept of where they are taking it intrigues me. Say what you will about A&E but S1 was fairly spectacular story telling wise, and I think they’ll manage to get back to that when they aren’t trying to fit flashbacks in a tiny span of time for certain characters. They’ve essentially given themselves the ability to expand on the world they’ve already created and as a writer, that’s pretty awesome. I’m also excited to see adult Regal Believer and adult Captain Cobra interactions, both in the new EF and in HH!  

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Hi! I just wanted to ask about hunhans cartier bracelet. whats with it? i see you lot giggling everytime one of them uses it. whats the story behind it, pleeease! thank you!

Sorry for the late reply, dear. But before I start explaining things, let me first point out that this is merely based on speculation.

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hi~ dunno if this is new info maybe someone else noticed this too, but just thought I should share smth I found.. yesterday I saw this meipai video: meipai(.)com/media/245561168 and I noticed that sehun glances to the side at 0:09 and in 0:29 so ofc I was like what/who is he looking at and for some reason I had to look it up. (cont)

(cont.) SO I found this video: youtube(.)com/watch?v=7UA-QrQzS1g and at 1:53 you can see that sehun is looking to the right side (where luhan and kyungsoo is) and then I FINALLY found sehun focus video: v(.)youku(.)com/v_show/id_XNzg5NzA3MzUy(.)html and you can see clearly that at 1:46 sehun is staring right at luhan.. (cont.)
(cont.) just found it interesting and thought I should share (definitely check the meipai video because damn that gaze is intense).. + it is even more interesting because like we know this isn’t the first time sehun has stared at luhan during moonlight^^ and what makes it even more meaningful is that this was luhan’s last day ;(

Hi my love! Actually this is new to me, i actually watched this performance and i didn’t notice it, there aren’t many fan cams of Sehun during Moonlight at the last concert, and i had not seen Sehunter’s video which is gold when it comes to this, i wasn’t able to download it but i wanted to gif them because yes, that gaze is intense!

The meipei video

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what did demon Rire look like as a child?

You know that kid in horror movies that makes you think really far back in the back of your mind that there’s something not quite right about him, but since he seems pretty well behaved and more or less ‘normal’ you just chalk it down to ill placed paranoia…

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I was going through your blog and catching up with what I had missed in the last months and I saw the .D and Izm living together as adult thing and .D's epiphany. And the tags just made me think of a coworker/anyone work related really hearing them talk about where they are going tonight and whether they are cooking and just being confused about it.

.D’s personal life is interesting to his colleagues because he doesnt really share a lot about himself.

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