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“we don’t have anything we don’t know about each other. But I want to spend more time with you while being close to you, like how we are now, and for us to learn more about each other.” Hyungwon to Minhyuk | cr: catwalk

you’re like coming home

Kent’s house was becoming Jeff’s favorite place.

At first he’d thought it was a bit stupid for Kent to get a house as opposed to an apartment, but once Kent was close to finished with it, it seemed… right. It was perfect for him. The house was a decent size, with a big kitchen and high ceilings. The windows let in beautiful sunlight and all of his furniture was comfortable, arranged so that conversation was easy and the television wasn’t the most important thing in the room. His cat had plenty of room to roam and she liked sitting by the large windows, surveying the world. Kent’s little cactus and succulent collection had plenty of sunlight.

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