ook, here’s the updated list of characters for HGstuck

Vriska as Clove like a bunch of people suggested, I put Eridan in the military so Cronus can be Finnick like someone said (even tho theorically there’s no Finnick in the first book lmao) hmm just went along with all you guys’ suggestions on the overall and added some

I’m not really happy John got left out but idk who to switch him with :/

also I guess we’ll be ignoring the one boy-one one girl for district rule lol



1.Feferi and *****(Luxury)
2.Rose and Eridan(Masonry)
3.Jane and Gamzee(Electronics)
4.Roxy and Equius(Fishing)
5.Vriska and John(Power)
6.Terezi and Dave(Transportation)
7.Kanaya and Jake(Lumber,mine)
8.Nepeta and Dirk(Textiles)
9.Jade and Sollux(Grain)
10.Aranea and Tavros(Livestock)
11.Meenah and ******
12.Aradia and Karkat

13.Calliope and Caliborn
I have some spots open for a d1 boy(Tyrian male fantroll) and a rustblood d11 boy(in this au meenah is a lowblood


I just wanted to draw the mockingdragon pin because i’m the one who suggested that and i’m really happy it’s now canon in your wonderful AU.

also i’m sorry, i tried to draw the dragon like you did, but i’m to used to draw them like this.

ooh so it was you B) this looks neat tHANK YOU! ;v;

shhh it’s okay!!