1.Feferi and *****(Luxury)
2.Rose and Eridan(Masonry)
3.Jane and Gamzee(Electronics)
4.Roxy and Equius(Fishing)
5.Vriska and John(Power)
6.Terezi and Dave(Transportation)
7.Kanaya and Jake(Lumber,mine)
8.Nepeta and Dirk(Textiles)
9.Jade and Sollux(Grain)
10.Aranea and Tavros(Livestock)
11.Meenah and ******
12.Aradia and Karkat

13.Calliope and Caliborn
I have some spots open for a d1 boy(Tyrian male fantroll) and a rustblood d11 boy(in this au meenah is a lowblood


I just wanted to draw the mockingdragon pin because i’m the one who suggested that and i’m really happy it’s now canon in your wonderful AU.

also i’m sorry, i tried to draw the dragon like you did, but i’m to used to draw them like this.

ooh so it was you B) this looks neat tHANK YOU! ;v;

shhh it’s okay!!