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I randomly decided to draw a character in the sprite style of every main-series pokemon game. (Except the 3D ones)
And of course I picked Galactic Commander Charon cos he’s my fave at the moment~
Anyone else wanna try doing this challenge? It’s really fun!

anonymous asked:

Just curious, you said you disliked Dawn in the anime when you first watched DP, so how did you go from that into becoming a massive Pearlshipper and Dawn fan? You seem to have done a complete 180 on the character, what prompted the change and when did you start to like her?

Well, frankly, the first episode I saw involving her was episode 8 or 9, the one where she has Piplup use bubblebeam to fix her hair, back when Dattebayo randomly decided to sub the series. I was still a massive pokeshipper a bit sore on both May’s existence (I still don’t like her much to this day) and on the dubbing switchover, so it was my first time touching pokemon for a long time.

I was also a very, very, very hardcore tomboy, about 20 years old, and going through the girly is evil, makeup is evil, fashion is evil, I can’t display an ounce of feminenity or else everyone will think I’m weak and stupid, fuck all those pretty girls out there for being airheads who seduce all the guys and leave smart fat chicks like me who actually are capable of thinking and are genuinely interested in the same things as the guys high and dry phase. I’d been in it since about 12, really.

And here’s Dawn, being silly, girly, weak (because she was a new trainer), and using her pokemon for her own vanity. Ew. What a disgrace. How has pokemon lowered themselves to this. I can’t believe they had to throw in this pink-wearing, fashion-loving airhead to pander to girls and make them interested in the show. Pokemon is ruined forever!

Basically, Dawn’s flaw in the eyes of 20 year old me was being girly, and on some level being girly and possibly “stealing” Ash from Misty, a tomboy who shaped much of my early identity. I was femmephobic as fuck, which is a pretty common thing for a fat teenager with an emotionally manipulative boyfriend and a huge crush on two really hot guys who are both interested in the same tremendously feminine, petite girl to be.

The tldr fastforward was that when Platinum version came out in english and HGSS were arriving in Japan, Rika Matsumoto came to my home anime convention. I nostalgia’d my ass off, fangirled over her, got her autograph, spent three weeks buried in Platinum version and HGSS spoilers and classic anime themes, and decided to see if I could find subs of the anime somewhere again because y’know, maybe I should give it another shot.

So I (and my dear Nikko) started watching the anime, bracing myself against the stupidity that I percieved Dawn to be, going in with the intent of seeing the game that I was playing brought to life - the gym leaders, the routes, everything.

And to my shock, Dawn very quickly became likeable. She was girly, yes, but she was determined and even stubborn but it somehow neither made her a bitch nor detracted from her femininity. And contrary to my initial impression of her, she really loved her pokemon, seeing them not as tools but as her friends the way the main cast tends to.

And then she turned out to have amazing rivals (and I wound up so involved in Chimchar’s storyline that I would have kept watching even if I hadn’t liked Dawn or her rivals by then)

And then the first high five happened, and something strange began to happen. My pokeshipper heart began to falter.

(and then the Giratina movie came out and Brock spent the whole time realizing he was a third wheel to the happy couple and that they didn’t need him anymore and I wound up with feels on like 40 different levels).

By the time it was announced that Kotone’s english name would be Lyra and we watched those episodes in Japanese, I was cheering over the fact the character with my name shipped the same couple I did. I was hunting down episodes (because watching them in order was still hard at the time - but it’s around when I found Keyhole as well) based off shippy screenshots. I was adoring every minute that Ash actually stuck around to cheer Dawn on and vice versa.

In the course of six months, Dawn taught me something that then took me another year to actually articulate: she taught me you could be strong and girly, specifically cute at the same time, and you could do it without being gimmicky, black widow sexy (suddenly feminine strength came in multiple forms to me), or bitchy. You could be girly AND friendly AND respected. Respected by men and other women at the same time. And that respect never felt forced - she was genuinely likeable.

That was a pretty big message for a girl who was constantly angry that her genuine interest in video games/anime and large chest weren’t enough to gain the affections of the men around her and felt lied to by the internet as a result. Hey boys, your dream girl is right here! You just aren’t interested because I’m smart so you feel threatened. You’re supposed to like anyone with big boobs automatically and the fact I play video games should give you an instant boner! (yes, I was basically the female equivelent of a fedora bro. I’m sorry.)

If I’d just watched the series straight through when it first came out, I suspect I would have liked Dawn by about 30 episodes in, because I would have learned the lessons of her not being as shallow as my first impression gave much quicker that way. Alas, that revelation was delayed substantially.

Incidentally, btw, that’s why I love Ash and Dawn so much - seeing a pair of friends support each other despite having different interests, cheer each other up, etc, was amazing to me, and I love them both in shipping contexts and in see, rambunctious boys and girly girls can be friends contexts.

I feel like I just babbeled the same tldr circle a few times so hopefully this answered your question orz thank you for stopping by anon