hgs net

HI im connor my pronouns are he/him im a huge band geek (like, marching band) and bands i like other than the mountain goats are twenty one pilots, bastille, blink- 182, ect….im a huge dork and im really excited for this network! you all seem pretty cool :D

hail gay satan mountain goats network

if you could make a post introducing yourself and tag it with “hgs net” after you see this that would be cool! also if you followed everyone else in the network

you should track the hgs net tag– things that you can post in the tag include but are not limited to selfies, fanart, song analysis, url changes, life update posts, pictures, anything tmg related or anything about you.

  1. jo lypse-tastasis
  2. em @msicarus
  3. natalie javert
  4. lizzy heytherejadeharley
  5. connor officialjackkelly
  6. miles amyfieldmouse
  7. eden williamshakesqueer
  8. mars trashking2k14
  9. aiden degenderate
  10. polina buffymaclays

and me of course.

live fast have fun mountain goats do it well