For me, acting as a child was just a good experience. I became independent at quite a young age because from the age of 16 my mum was, like, “I’m not chaperoning you any more,” so I was off getting trains and staying in hotels and learning how to deal with the business. I didn’t rebel as a teenager and I think that’s probably why – because I didn’t really have anything to rebel against. I already had my own life outside school as well.

I don’t think [the dress up] particularly helped to get in character because I feel like it’s about reading the scripts that gets you in the mindset of the scene. But it certainly helps the physicality of the period once you’ve got the costumes on. There are certain ways that you move when you put these dresses on and so it makes it a lot easier to feel like you’re not a contemporary girl playing Lucrezia. Whist you’ve got the dress on, you don’t feel contemporary anymore. You feel like you’re a woman of that period and so kind of you’re forced to have that extra level of grace a contemporary young woman would not. {x}