WOW so I finally started my Heartgold nuzlocke and I’ve never played gold/heartgold (I did crystal/soulsilver) so I looked up the exclusives and I totally want to try for a spinarark because I’ve never used one and they’re night time only. All this time putting off starting the game because it was night and one of the things I want is a night exclusive. lmfao

Anyways, so far I have Zinnia the Chikorita and Ben the Rattata. The SECOND pokemon I ran into was a sentret. Yeah, I’m mad. 

Nuzlocke woes

Oh man, I have no idea what I’m doing in this point in my HG Nuzlocke augh. This is what I get for not playing for several weeks ;w;

I was originally going to comic my White Nuzlocke and that went south (my whole team whited out ;w;). HG was just a casual-locke that I want to comic now but I didn’t keep very good records; unlike the nice log I kept of my White game. I have to wing a bunch of stuff now.

I’m so lost -cry-.

Quick Question!

Since we’re in Goldenrod City right now, I’m in a little bit of a kerfuffle right now. After beating Whitney and all, we’re gonna get that Eevee from Bill, right?

Should I get that Eevee, a Pokemon from the Game Corner, or both? (Since Eevee is gifted)

I kind of don’t want to pass on either of them - Especially since I’m really good at Voltorb Flip.

New team member!

Voltorb Flip is a great game, by the way. We got the coins for this little fella in less than 30 minutes.

This is Tennessee the male Dratini. He’s got a quirky nature and is highly curious, replacing Harvey the Drowzee. His name comes from a whiskey/cherry spirit drink. Nothing too creative, I’m sorry. More creative names to come, though ovo

In other news, we’re still training to face Whitney. I don’t wanna lose anyone against her Miltank, after all.

Whitney always caused me trouble.

Sazerac was able to beat Clefairy with an ember and a headbutt, but Miltank was a bitch to take down. It took about twenty or so rounds to take it down, and poor Gimlet survived with only a few hitpoints left. And his heart broken. Attract sucks.

Anyway, we’ll give him some time to get over it, maybe while… working out a bit? /hinthint

And by Annihilated, I mean annihilated.

Two embers by Sazerac the Cyndaquil, and Pidgey was gone - Sazerac only taking a sand attack during all that.

Two rock throws by Gimlet the Geodude, and Pidgeotto was destroyed - it’s only gust taking away only about three hitpoints off Gimlet.

As a result, we got the Zephyr Badge - and you guys get a shitty sketch.

Went into the Brass Tower for some more grinding, and ended up with this little lady joining our ranks.

This is NY NY (Short for New York New York, duh), the female Koffing. She’s got a lax nature and is capable of taking hits. Named after the New York New York cocktail simply because of the name. Smog and all. That’s it.

I love Koffing a lot, even have a plush, so I actually put some effort into this, ehehe.

Anyways, I’m still grinding, and waiting for Thursday to come by because DAMN, do I need a thunderstone. I’d like to fight Silver without losing another friend, after all.

Kyeema finally got out of the game corner (although she still wants to go back there. Mumbling about TMs and all that stuff… You know what I mean)

But we also met two new friends!

On Route 36, we angered Mudslide the Sudoowodoo and, after a rather long fight, caught him. He’s got a lax nature and is impetuous and silly. Mudslide is basically a White Russian with Bailey’s. Chose it because of the brown color.  And I’m sorry, but I freaking love Mudslide’s design. Too bad he doesn’t fit in the team…

On Route 37, a female Stantler surprised us. It took about 10 balls and lots of potions to catch her, but finally, we were able to name her Bijou. She’s got a rash nature and is somewhat stubborn. Bijou I pretty much chose because of the name. It means “Jewel” in French, and the weird… balls in Stantler’s antlers remind me of that.

I think I’ll do more frequent updates from now on. Let’s just hope Kyeema won’t go back into the game corner.

Still Grinding a little, we went up to Route 35, where we encountered a a new buddy!

Harvey is a male Drowzee with a rash nature and good perseverance. He’s named after the Harvey Wallbanger (Or Italian Screwdriver), which is because of two things. First, the similar color - yellow-, and second because of the story behind the drink itself. Apparently, some surfer dude called Harvey drank so many of them, that he started banging his head against the wall. By the way, it’s basically just a normal Screwdriver (Orange Juice and Vodka), but with some Galliano in there…

For the time being, Harvey is in our team. It’s never wrong to have a psychic type.