Pairing: Spencer x Dancer!Reader
Warning: None
Summary: You’re a talented contemporary dancer, your father is David Rossi of the BAU. One day you get a call from him asking you if you accidentally grabbed one of his files this morning at breakfast. You run the file over to the office and that is where you meet Dr. Spencer Reid.
Request: “ Can you do an imagine where you are Rossi’s daughter and a contemporary dancer, and you and Reid end up falling in love? Then he meets your muscular dance partner and gets insecure, but your partner is gay and you reassure Spencer and fluff? Thank you you amazing writing genius!!!! 😊❤️” samanthaofanarchy
A/N:  Thank you! I’m hglad you like my writing! I think it’s safe to say this is the most interesting request I have gotten so far! I would have never thought to make the reader a contemporary dancer. Instead of some profession similar to Reid’s she is something completely different. I hope this was okay. Sorry my fic aren’t as long as they used to be, my stress level is starting to stunt my writing.

“Hi, I’m here to see David Rossi of the BAU. I’m his daughter (Y/N) Rossi, he forgot his file, actually I grabbed it at breakfast.” You laughed sheepishly showing the lady at the front desk your ID. She gave you a kind smile and pushed a visitor’s badge and sign in sheet towards you. You thanked her and walked up to the elevator. You looked at the numbers and pressed the one for the BAU that you were directed. “Dad?” You pulled at your leggings and walked around looking for your father. You came face to face with a blonde smiling ear to ear. “Hi, do you know where David Rossi is?”

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anonymous asked:

im so hglad you made that post about cultural appropriation cause recently ive seen a lot of posts about like how cultural appropriation isnt bad and stuff and i just ?? the examples they use arent even cutltural appropriation? wow. but i never know how to phrase it in my head so i just get really confused and frustrated

i cannot explain how much this frustrates me to like no end. appreciating a culture is completely different than appropriating and appropriating is different than appreciating. appreciating is practicing yoga, eating delicious food and enjoying it, wanting to learn and studying and learning language, etc. appropriating is taking something and claiming it as your own. AKA dreadlocks, people wearing bindis, “costumes” of culture, sexy geisha costumes, 100% of halloween costumes, claiming hip hop/rap to be yours, miley cyrus, lilly allen, twerking, the harlem shake, i could go on. you have to understand that poc are ridiculed for most of these things and then as soon as white people get their hands on it, it’s trendy, edgy, acceptable, monumental, etc. this is appropriation in a white dominant culture and im d o n e  with people thinking that appropriation is “celebrating” culture when its literally not.