I used Francis Frith’s Photographs of Oakham from the 1920’s, and merged them with my own Photographs of Oakham in 2014. 

This represents the differences between Oakham 1920 and 2014. 

All rights go to Francis Frith’s black and white Photographs. 

- Hannah Gladding. (2014). 

(Top). - Oil Pastel, Acrylic mixed with Oil Paint, white chalk and pencil, Observational drawings of a Penguin. 

(Bottom). - Gouache paint, Oil Paint, Charcoal, kitchen roll/ paper, Acrylic paint and Oil Pastels. 
Close-up, textured, observational drawing of a Penguins face. (2013). 

Lost Art.

I was planning to take my Landscape piece home. As my Art Lecturer told me that the gallery had finished with it and gave it back. 

But, unfortunately, my Art Lecturer gave the College technician my Landscape piece. And, it turns out that the technician took apart the canvas, threw the painting away and kept the Canvas wood for other students. Obviously, I was furious. Because, I spent weeks and weeks and weeks on that painting, trying to achieve a top grade for the Landscape Project. 

So, the moral of the story, guise. Is, DON’T trust your Art Lecturers’. Because, they won’t take care of your precious paintings. 


- A series of Portrait Photographs I've taken for my Photography Summer Project. All inspired by Photographer, Bill Brandt. - Hannah Gladding. (2013).