Throw away the radio suitcase 
That keeps you awake 
Hide the telephone, the telephone, telephone, in case 
You realize that sometimes you’re just not ok 
You level off, you level off, you level off,
But it’s not all right now 
You need to understand 
There’s nothing strange about this 
You need to know your friends, you need to know that 
I’ll be waving my hand watching you drown 
Watching you scream quiet or loud 
And maybe you should sleep 
And maybe you just need a friend 
As clumsy as you’ve been 
There’s no one laughing 
You will be safe in here
I almost forgot what the internet was like.

I’m having to use my parents’ laptop til Friday or Saturday when I buy a cute little netbook to hold me over til I build my own machine. I’ve been obsessed with Cafe Rouge (IT IS AMAZING).