What's Dead Should Stay Dead || September 23

-taking advantage of his authority as Head Boy and his job of patrolling the Hogwarts corridors late at night, toddles and meanders down the passages, turning numerous corners, avoiding a couple of lingering floating ghosts, and heading for the Entrance Hall; his expression repeatedly fluctuates between determined, terror-stricken, overwrought, and hypnotized as he tries to maintain his trembling hold on the things in his arms: the ancient Dark Arts book Dawn had gotten him for Christmas last year, a ginger-scented candle, a bar of wax cubes the smell of ant blood, a detailed moon chart, a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart, multiple thick white chalks, two photos of Louis, and a loaf of dark bread; keeps stopping in his tracks and contemplating going back but repeatedly reminds himself of Dominique and Lily’s sad eyes and consequently proceeds on his way, trying his best to regulate his heavy breath, ignore his sweating hands, and see through his clouded vision-