The 1975’s Pseudo-Groupie

I watched the band live a few weeks ago, hence the inspiration for this get-up.

When I caught this over-sized shirt on sale, I didn’t think twice about buying it. It was one of those things I HAD to get for myself. Considering I barely feel that way about things, it must’ve been something. 

My favorite color-combination is a simple matter of stark contrast: black and white wins over all else. 

Night Street

Spent a wonderful evening with friends at Fort Bonifacio as I celebrated  my 19th birthday. It was Christmas time when these shots were taken, hence the gorgeous display of lights. Unfortunately, most of my photos were accidentally deleted. Yes, hundreds of them down the drain… (Did I forget to mention how clumsy I am?) Please don’t mind the black spaces in between photos. It’s a long story, really. To cut it short, I’m to lazy to crop each one. (Oh yeah, I tend to be pretty stubborn, too.)

I particularly love this exhibit! The photos look extra dramatic because of the green toning. I took the opportunity to get my artistic director mode on. (The ones I took of my friend were deleted, too, huhu.) Lucky enough, I was able to salvage a few photos of me. Sorry, I didn’t mean to appear too vain. It’s just… the lighting was just… perfect.

…And here are my OOTD shots:

Can I just say, I love my dress. :)

Snap Happy!

Indie Spirit

You know how Tumblr seems to be bombarded with hippie-fashion photography, right? One hot summer day, I decided to have my own (completely amateur) spin.

By the way, all photos are courtesy of my little (but very talented) sister. ;)

I absolutely love photos that show art in motion. Although it doesn’t exactly apply in my case, can I just say that I admire artistic photography, and that I want to capture stories through pictures. (I just thought you should know. Lol)

With regards to the fashion: well, I guess it’s pretty simple. I didn’t want to keep it all grunge-y so I went with a cutesy top and bright pants. (Have I mentioned that I love wearing pants?) And of course, one must not underestimate the power of high-cut sneaks. It’s amazing how shoes could give the outfit a completely different edge!

This actually turned out to be one of my favorite shoots, considering the fact that I only did this out of sheer boredom (and the need for new Facebook and Twitter avatars). 

The one above is actually my Instagram avatar. As you can see, the photo on the right sidebar also came from this shoot, as well as my Twitter account’s (hgdt) display photo (yes, it’s one of my pathetic plugging attempts, teehee). 

Snap Happy!