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*opens up wallet* how much do you require as a bribe to write a follow up to your f/s fic where she tells him she's pregnant???

part i

The sound of gunshots up ahead, muffled by the rumble of the earth above them, means that when Jemma says his name Fitz almost misses it.

He glances back at her over his shoulder, just as she reaches out a hand towards him through the rising dust and darkness, her eyelids fluttering shut.


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MSR 38

I call this one - rewriting Requiem

38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

There wasn’t much time to strategize before Mulder had to leave for Oregon, but they met in Skinner’s office to cover as much information as they could.  He stood with Scully at the head of the conference table, his fingertips pressed to the small of her back in reassurance as he leaned over her to point out coordinates on an unrolled map.  He looked around at the odd assortment of collaborators.  Krycek and Marita flanked the gunmen along the side of the table and Skinner stood, gruff and imposing, on the other end.

Suddenly, Scully swayed on her feet, stepping back into Mulder while gripping the table to keep herself upright.  He gripped her arms, bending his head over her shoulder to see her face.

“Scully?” he asked.

“I…”  She tried to lift her head, but her eyes rolled back and she went boneless.  Mulder caught her as she went down, easing her to the floor and cradling her head just as he’d done a day ago in the Oregon woods.

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City Hall

So, I dropped my phone on my face like halfway through this and it really hurt. But I persevered and finished this story. I loved this prompt! Haha. Thank you @claudialovesomelia for the prompt. It’s really long so I’m not gonna paste it here but basically omelia get married at city hall and have other witnesses and Meredith and Maggie ask why not them and then there’s a bit of a plot twist when Amelia gets shot at the courthouse and finally is able to give Owen his wedding present. Bit of angst, bit of fluff.

He finds her standing out on the balcony of the hotel room they’re sharing, after she snuck off once rehearsal dinner was finished.

“Amelia, are you okay?” He questions, his hand comes across her back and settles on her lower back. She takes a deep breath, leaning her head on his shoulder, sighing.

“I don’t want this–” she starts.

“Mia, we’re getting married in two days, why are you telling me now you don’t want to get married?” He speaks, she senses he feels hurt but he never let her finish.

“You didn’t let me finish.” She pauses and his mouth forms an ‘o’ shape and he stills. “I don’t want this huge wedding. This is what everyone else wanted. I don’t.”

He rubs his hand up and down her arm. “Then let’s cancel it. We can go to the courthouse tomorrow. But we each have to have witnesses, I learned that from Teddy.” He informed her.

She looks up at him, smiling. “I love you.” She whispers, wrapping her tiny arms around his waist. He tips his head down and kisses the crown of her head, resting his cheek on her head.

“I love you too.” He whispers.

“Amelia, stop fidgeting!” Stephanie hissed at her in a playful tone. “I have three more bobby pins to place in your hair. Let me finish.” She spoke and Amelia stopped.

“I’m going to be sick.” Amelia spoke, before pushing open a stall door and emptying the contents of her stomach.

“Nerves?” Stephanie questioned. Amelia shook her head and Stephanie raised an eyebrow.

“Baby–” Amelia started but was cut off by her future mother in law pushing open the bathroom door.

“I found it! I found it. It was in your car, under your coffee mug in the cup holder.” Evelyn Hunt said, walking into the courthouse bathroom, handing Amelia the wedding ring.

All three women sighed a breath of relief. “Thank god. Okay, we need to hurry.” Stephanie spoke, checking the time on her phone, seeing as they had two minutes to find their courtroom.

The three women hurried down city hall, finding the correct door, shuffling in the empty room. Amelia’s heart dropped to her stomach, not finding Owen in the room.

“Man, she is waiting out there for you. Just go!” Riggs spoke, his accent thick on his voice. Owen stood still, making no moves to leave the courthouse bathroom.

“Hunt, get out of this bathroom now. I may not be your boss anymore but I am your friend. You don’t want to mess this up. Leave.” Richard spoke. Owen still didn’t budge.

“What if– what if she doesn’t want this? What if what she meant is that she didn’t want to get married at all?” Owen spoke, voicing his doubts.

“You must be stupid to not see how in love she is with you, man.” Riggs spoke. “Even that night last year when I accidentally bought her a drink. I tried to kiss her and she pulled back. You two weren’t even a thing! She was there because of you, and she still didn’t kiss me.” Riggs pointed out. Owen glared at him.

“Still not over that. Don’t remind me, Nate. Especially on my wedding day.” He growled.

Nathan threw his hands up in defense. “Okay, man. Sorry, touchy subject. Just get your arse out that door and marry your girl!” He spoke. Owen took the hint and finally listened, walking out of the bathroom and into their courtroom.

“Witnesses?” The judge spoke.

Both Richard and Stephanie stood up. “We are witnesses for Amelia.” Richard spoke.

The judge nodded, turning toward Owen. “Witnesses?” He asked. Both Riggs and his mother stood up. He nodded again, before scribbling the information down. “You four need to sign these documents, just stating you were present.” He spoke.

One of the officials brought them the document and each of the four scribbled their names on the paper, on the designated line, placing the date next to their name.

“Alright. Now, will the bride and groom please step up to the front.” He spoke.

Amelia hiked up a bit of her dress and walked to the front of the room with Owen in his tuxedo.

“Do you, Owen Hunt, take Amelia Shepherd to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health. For richer or for poor, till death do you part?” He asked.

“I do.” Owen spoke.

“Do you, Amelia Shepherd, take Owen Hunt to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health. For richer or for poor, till death do you part?”

Amelia smiled to Owen, squeezing his hand lightly. “I do.”

“I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You can kiss your bride.” He spoke.

Owen dropped her hands, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close to him for a kiss. “We just got married.” He spoke into the kiss. She nodded, kissing him deeper, her hands cupping his cheeks.

“I just need you two to sign these documents and you all are free to go. Congratulations.” The judge said, handing them the document.

Both Owen and Amelia scribbled their names on the paper, Amelia’s hand shaking as she wrote her name, looping her letters.

Their four guests stood up and headed out of the courtroom doors first, followed by Owen and Amelia, hand in hand. The couple stopping short of the door as gunshots went off.

Muffled screaming was heard, and a man wielding a gun came running out of a courtroom, holding a young boy, letting bullets fly.

“If I can’t have him, no one can! You’re an ungrateful, selfish bitch Lucy! You can’t take my son from me!” The gunman screamed. The boy in his arms was crying and Amelia could see the blood dripping down his arm.

“Sir, your son is hurt!” Amelia called to him.

“Shut up bitch, don’t tell me how to raise my son!” He screamed.

That’s when Amelia felt it. The excruciating pain of the bullet piercing through her skin. Her once white wedding dress, now turning a deep red, as her blood poured out onto it.

The gunman and boy took off, but all Owen could see was Amelia in his arms, dying. “CALL AN AMBULANCE!” He screamed frantically. He carefully laid her down on the floor, taking off his tux jacket and pressing down on her bleeding chest, attempting to stop the blood gushing out of the wound.

“GSW to the chest. Female, 34, BP is 91 over 60 we need to get her to an OR now!” April rattled off the information as the ambulance skidded into the bay.

The EMTs unloaded the gurney, both Owen and Riggs hopping out of the back as Stephanie pulled up behind them with Evelyn Hunt and Richard Webber in her car.

“Amelia, it’s Amelia.” Stephanie spoke to Maggie as she pushed the gurney inside the ER.

Meredith ran into the ER, taking initiative on the patient and barked orders around, trying to keep Amelia alive.

Owen sat in the waiting room, his head in his lap, thinking. This was supposed to be the best day of his life. The happiest. And now his fiancé—wife— is fighting for her life.

Nathan Riggs sat next to him. The man he once called a brother, then an enemy, and now a friend, the man who knew him more than anyone else, maybe even Amelia, was by his side, helping him stay sane.

The hours had passed before Maggie walked through the doors and delivered news. “She’s stable. In the ICU now. You are allowed to see her.” She spoke, short and to the point.

Owen followed the woman up to Amelia’s room, finding Meredith outside the door looking in as she charted in her scrubs.

April walked out from the OR and handed Owen the bag containing Amelia’s belongings. Her stained wedding dress and her rings laying in the transparent bag. Owen thanked her before turning back to stare in the window.

“Why?” Meredith asked, not looking up from her charts.

“Why what?” Owen asked, tearing his eyes away from Amelia to look at Meredith.

“The wedding is tomorrow but you both are wearing your rings and dressed in wedding dresses and tuxedos. Why?” She asked.

“We got married today at city hall.” He informed her.

Meredith looked up at him with hurt in her eyes. “You– you did? Don’t you need witnesses?” She asked.

Owen nodded. “Edwards, Webber, Riggs and my mom were there.” He spoke.

“What about me and Maggie? We could’ve been there.” She said.

“Yeah, like you both were there for her when she relapsed. Or how about when she had no place to live. Or when she got suspended from work?” Owen scoffed. “You kicked her out of the house, Meredith. And Maggie says she cares, but all she cares about is sleeping with that intern. You weren’t there for Amelia. You don’t get to make us feel guilty for not inviting you to our wedding.” He stated. “You both abandoned her. That’s what everyone does. She is always being abandoned, and today I made sure she would never be abandoned anymore. Today I made her my wife. Because I love her. I love her more than anything or anyone in the world.”

Meredith swallowed, before looking up at Owen. “Congratulations then.” She said sadly. “She’s waking up. Go see her.” She urged.

Owen walked into Amelia’s hospital room, picking up her hand. “Hey,” he whispered.

She smiled up at him. “Go get Edwards, I have to ask her something.” She whispered.

Owen gave her a questioning look before walking out of the room and finding Stephanie pacing the halls. “She’s asking for you.” Stephanie’s eyes lit up, happy to hear Amelia was alive and awake. Taking the hint, she walked into Amelia’s room and shut the door behind her, keeping Owen out for the moment.

“Is– is the baby–” Amelia couldn’t finish her statement. Stephanie grabbed her chart, looking at her stats and smiled.

“Baby is fine. Your hGC levels are high. Baby is fine. I’ll get Arizona down here later. Tell your husband.” She smiled heading for the door.

“Stephanie,” Amelia called making the woman turn around. “Thank you, for everything today.” Stephanie just smiled, exiting the room and sending Owen back in.

“That was weird. Are you okay?” Owen asked.

Amelia’s face broke out into a huge grin. “I wanted to tell you this all day.” She spoke happily.

Owen smiled at her. “What?”

“I’m pregnant.” She smiled up at him.

Owen’s breathing hitched, and he placed a kiss on Amelia’s forehead. “Really?” He asked.

“Really.” She clarified. “Baby is fine. That’s why I had Edwards come in. She was the only one who knew. I threw up this morning in a stall and she asked if I was nervous. I’ve been wanting to tell you all day.” Amelia said.

“Best wedding present ever.” Owen laughed.

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It’s been quite the day. It was monkey’s pregnancy test today, ten days after the egg transfer, and a few days on from severe illness and her falling through the floorboards (injury pictured)  which I was sure would have dislodged anything that was still growing.

I didn’t go to the blood test having almightily pi**ed off monkey after coming back really late from the rugby absolutely hammered yesterday night. It was out of order - it was going to be a very difficult day today and I’d made it worse. I felt terrible about it. It also made me think that the severe stress we’d been under was beginning to affect me more and more. I made a ridiculous mistake in work last week that could have got me fired. My head isn’t right at all at the moment.

Anyway… when she came back after the blood test, we packed all the medication up, put it away and waited for the call to tell us that the last couple of arduous months had been for nothing. We went for breakfast, I napped a little bit and Monkey read the Mail Online. As I was drifting off for the second time, we got the call from the clinic. The test result was positive! And not just positive, the hCG level was over 900. It was 47 at this stage last time. We both know it isn’t time to start celebrating just yet - we’ve been here before - but we didn’t even think we’d get here this time. I can’t believe it. This journey is continuing! We couldn’t be cautiously happier.