I saw @otherwindow ´s gorgeous Incubus McCree, so I decided to draw him, but I got a bit carried away. 

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Incubus Boyfriend

I got a very interesting request I just had to do. Plus I know you have been requesting an incubus! So enjoy this lovely priest incubus from his POV.

   I’ve been at this church for some time now and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. The congregation is small but the love in it is large and real. For the first time in a long time, I feel safe with where I am at. I feel comfortable in my own skin. Or well, I’m comfortable at least with the appearance I’ve put on. I’ve not worn my true appearance for some time, especially not in front of anyone. If they knew who I truly was I would be lost again. If I lost this church I feel I would never truly recover.

   The truth is I am no mortal man, I am a demon, an incubus. For longer than I care to admit I prayed upon the weak to fill myself, but it had never brought me any true happiness. In my weakest state, I discovered what truly made me happy. I was stopped by a blind priest who, despite knowing who and what I was, took me in and was kind to me. He showed me a love and a way that gave me the fulfillment I sought out. Sex and carnality were only a means to what my kind needed, but the priest taught me a new way.

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My process for Incubus McCree is finally up you monsterboy guzzlers

Possessed Halfling Boyfriend

I fell headover heels in love with @trash-chan-art‘s beatiful son Rovil. He’s the cutest Halfling but he’s also possessed by an incubus so he’s monster enough for me. 

   I had been traveling for a long time. I had just finished dealing with a mess up north. Now all I wanted to do was find a warm bed and sleep for a good solid week. It’s growing bitterly cold and I am not well equipped. It’s late by the time I find a small village. By then I am not able to find lodging or no one is opening their doors. The gnawing voice at the back of my mind is cackling at me.

   I sit down on a set of stairs, wrapping my cloak around me as tightly as I can. If this is all I have, then it is what I have to work with. I just can’t help imagining a nice, soft, down bed and waking to pancakes and coffee in the morning.

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Cause and Reward

A NSFW incubus story submitted by @thatweirdlittlegothgirl

Word count: 2187

You flipped the light on, flickering a gross yellow. Your apartment complex wasn’t the Ritz by any means, but it was a roof over your head. Plenty of mould around that you couldn’t scrub away, but if you could find somewhere else it would definitely be worth complaining to the landlord to guarantee your deposit back.

You stood in front of the dingy mirror and looked around in the reflection, before taking the time to examine your face a little more for any unsightly bumps that might have appeared as of late…stress-acne.

Work was the cause of that; the office cliques seemed to be relentless as of late, talking about the Christmas party coming up and what everyone was gonna wear. You wanted to wear that cute outfit you’ve been saving up for, but you weren’t sure it would look good on you. Not on your large body, you thought. After being mocked all the way to the punch-out pad, you came home to a welcoming bottle of alcohol.

After washing your face, you buried it in a towel to dry. Pulling it back, you noticed an additional figure staring back at you from the mirror. It leaned down to you to whisper in your ear.

“Set me free,” it breathed. 

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