Uh oh, new OC coming through!

Meet Clythe Carrow, Cly for short. 
Ex ballerino, witch, “cool kid.”

He lives in a city apartment where he keeps bees on the roof, has a housecat named chicken, and definitely does NOT live with the incubus he summoned at 3am.

It’s a tricky situation.


God’s not here. He never was.

ahh it makes me so happy y’all like this little shitfuck so much. <3 <3 when i started writing him, i quickly fell in love with the idea of nero’s transformation being a whirlwind of his clothes tearing themselves apart and reforming into his real body. he’s like an evil magical girl, i swear. hope you like!

Has anyone ever considered asexual incubus/succubus?

Instead of seducing their victim to HOT, STEAMY SEX, they lure them to platonic intimacy, hugs, shoulder massages, baking cookies and movie nights cuddled on a sofa.

They go after the lonely and hug starved. Cuddle parties are their jam. 

Contrary to the first pictures that I did of him at his “regular” size, Claymore has a smaller imp form when he’s deprived of food or sex for a long time and his body shrinks to conserve power/energy. I imagine he looked like this when he first broke out of his confinement before he kinda worked his way back up to his true looks. 

It’s best to get on his good side when he’s at this stage of the game by helping him out. He might reward you with a lay or keep you off his menu when he’s growing later!