All night tonight, my thoughs have been with our brother Chris Cornell. He is one of the three people who made me want to be a singer. He taught me how to be heavy and look for beauty at the same time. Strangely unique individual. He was a huge influence on me. He was a huge influence on our band and so many other bands here tonight. So I just wanted to say I love you, Chris. Wherever you are. We will never forget you.
—  Brandon Boyd, KROQ 2017

anonymous asked:

Can I make a request of either headcanons or a fanfic of an Incubus! Genji falling in love with someone for the first time and it confuses him because he's only felt lust for others before?

Implied/slight nsfw! Descriptions of a steamy time ahead!

Genji enjoyed sex.

Truly, he did; he sort of had to, being an incubus and all, but there was something about the act that gave him a real rush. The Shimada wasn’t a very picky lover when he was weak, more desperate for energy than a good lay, but most of the time he was simply rolling around in someone else’s bed sheets for the fun of it.

It was hard to choose a long-standing energy source, especially those that were okay with his cybernetic body. Sure, he’d fuck anyone to be replenished, but he preferred a consistent person to lie with. He liked hanging around the ones whose energy tasted the sweetest, who filled him up the most. He liked the ones that weren’t in it for a relationship. He liked the ones that were hedonistic, and willing to get a little rough once in a while.

He liked you. He liked you a lot.

Your scent was what enticed him in the first place, when you’d joined Overwatch, and it wasn’t hard to explain his situation to you. To his surprise, all you’d done was smirk and laugh a little.

“Let me know the next time you’re hungry, then,” you purred, gently running your finger against a vent in his shoulder before sauntering off, “always happy to help a teammate.”

That encounter had happened months ago. He thought of it now, as he watched your face contort in pleasure, and drank in the utterly delectable sounds leaving your mouth. He always feasted better when his partner was also enjoying themselves, and right now you were filling him up. He ran his hands over your body, the scent of your excitement one that he wished he could bottle up and store away for a rainy day, and silenced you with a deep kiss.

There it was. The energy you emitted tasted so much sweeter when he got to pull it from your mouth himself, intoxicating him with its power. Genji loved having you underneath him, your exposed, flushed skin standing beautifully out against his sheets and looking up into his eyes, something akin to euphoria painting your beautiful face. In a fleeting moment of intimacy that he’d never expressed before, he reached up and gently cupped a cheek, tracing your lips with a thumb and cooing quietly at you in the darkened room.

“G-Genji,” you panted, shuddering from the pleasure he was giving you, and he groaned. He wanted his name to be the only thing that came from your lovely voice, wanted his name to be the only thing in your vocabulary.

It was after the both of you had finished, lying in bed with an arm curled around your sleeping form, that the thought hit him. Eyes widening, he found it hard to breathe when one, stupidly simple phrase appeared, unbidden, in his mind:

He loved you.

It was true, he realized, beginning to put pieces together in his head. Genji sought you out, not only for pleasure but for genuine companionship. He found you occupying his thoughts at increasing intervals, but he’d always brushed it off as idle lust. He found himself coming to your aid in battle before anyone else’s, and wanting to train with you, and sitting closest to you in the mess hall and on the transport ships. He was drawn to you, as a person, and not just a food source.

The thought frightened him. Absentmindedly, his arm curled tighter around your form, and you mumbled incoherently in your sleep before settling back down.

Genji stared at you, his eyes fixated on your own, bright orbs, which were hidden behind charmingly long lashes, and slowly lied down and tucked you against his chest. His vents released a puff of air as he closed his eyes and began to relax, willing himself to join you in Dreamland.

He would deal with this tomorrow, he reasoned, feeling the last vestiges of consciousness slipping away. He smiled as you turned to bury your face in his neck, thinking that maybe it wasn’t so bad being in love. Monogamy suited the incubus better, anyway.

-mod Viena