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Finnick wasn’t the same after his Games.

Of course he wasn’t. He was a Career. As much as he hated to admit it, even to himself; he was a murder.  

And you couldn’t just forget that easily.  

He started going to the beach more often. Now he and his family were rich, they didn’t have to work. So he just sat, for hours on end, staring into the rolling sea.  

One day, a girl, roughly his age, sat down beside him. Neither of them said a word as she pulled out a half-finished net and started tying more knots in it.  

The same pattern continued for two weeks, until Finn broke. He was curious as to why the mysterious girl never spoke, never made any attempt to make conversation. But he was thankful for her company. It was nice, just sitting, not having to attempt small talk while the haunting memories struggled to stay at the top of his mind.  

So he questioned her. And all Annie did was smile and reply, “I just guessed I wouldn’t want to be alone either.”  So after her Games, when she was haunted with her own memories, he sat, right beside her on the beach, tying knots in an unfinished net.