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Why you should totally watch "Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party for Friends" (or, "Poe Party")
  1. c´mon. It’s got a great name.
  2. it’s a fantasy-comedy-mystery story about a bunch of literary historical figures assisting to a dinner party in which, you guessed it, murders actually start to happen!
  3. E.A. Poe is the awkward host, and one of the cutest and quirkiest versions of him I’ve seen. 
  4. Lenore is his friend and roommate, and she’s a lively sort of person. She is also literally a ghost trying to help him impress her own good friend, Annabel Lee (yes, that Annabel Lee)
  5. the chemistry and contrast between the two main characters is absolutely gorgeous and enjoyable
  6. Annabel Lee is also very nice and played by Mary Kate Wiles. 
  7. the show will have 11 episodes (named ‘chapters’) in total, and they will air via their YouTube channel at 9am PTS every Monday till Halloween!
  8. the show includes, besides Poe, authors HG Wells (who’s got a sensible steampunkish vibe), cool Mary Shelley, drunkish Ernest Hemingway, posh Charlotte Brontë (played by Ashley Clements!), flamboyant Oscar Wilde, ignored Emily Dickinson, George Elliot in drag, vodka-lover Fyodor Dostoevsky, lively Mary Louise Alcott, and soon-to-appear Agatha Christie! 
  9. I’m also pretty sure that most of the actors’ names are well known within the YouTube community and they all do a wonderful job!
  10. also, it has Jim O’Heir (Jerry from Parks and Rec!) and Clayton Snyder (Ethan Craft from Lizzie McGuire!)
  11. the series is comedy gold and thrives in puns 
  12. it’s also got a wonderful recurring gag about ravens
  13. it’s from Shipwrecked productions, the same people behind Kissing in the Rain, which is amazing
  14. all characters are lovable and flawed and lovely
  15. it has lots and lots of heart, and it’s easy to see it’s made with care and love
  16. it’s overall wonderful and enjoyable and well-written and does magic with its budget 
  17. the aesthetic is also pretty great
  18. it has great pace. Chapter one was barely 10 min long and it contained SO MUCH
  19. if you’re into literature or books or parodies or murder mysteries or just amazing comedy please check it out!
  20. it all started like three years ago with a vlog (A Tell-Tale Vlog) about Edgar Allan Poe and Lenore and it escalated from that and I’m grateful it has!!! You can check out their beginnings in that link and you can watch the prologues to Poe Party here!
  21. srsly maybe i’m not a great seller but i love this series so much! i think a lot of people might enjoy it as well!! if you want you can check it out here!

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Send me the best fic you know...

I (@hmionegrangr) recommend this fic wherever possible, it’s my favourite and what I accept as canon for Jily. The characterisation and character development is amazing, alongside brilliantly written smut and a really interesting plot! Enjoy!

Title: Buried Treasure and Transmogrify **
Author: Rienna Hawkes
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 20
Word Count:169,505
Summary: Lily Evans has spent years despising James Potter. He has spent just as long worshiping her. When seventh year pairs them Head Boy and Girl, each comes to realize that their judgment isn’t quite what they thought it was. This is the same story that was over on Checkmated, but I completed it here.


For once, a bering and wells fanvideo without angst and pain!!!you have no idea how much I love the ‘MUST BE: GREAT AT COMMUNICATION’ moment! lol