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I'm laughing at how many people are mad about being banned for cheating. When has cheating ever been acceptable lmao. I hope that petition gets taken down bc Cheritz has worked very hard on a -for the most part- free game.

Some of the comments on the petition makes me laugh because

1. How much of an entitled fuckwad can you sound

2. Games are not free. The fact that Cheritz already gave 3 FREE routes (while other companies would make you pay for them), how damn cheap can you be

3. Bullshit excuse about how students cannot stay up to 3am yet I bet their asses are still here tumbling at 4am in the morning

4. I can’t begin to tell you how hard it is to work on a game because it requires SO MUCH EFFORT. Cheritz even hired voice actors and are always trying to stabilize the game for players (and rewarding them because of maintenance time) .

They even gave out 800HG to iOS players because of how long it took for them to release MM in the app store and 200 HG for Android players because of how unstable the app was.

And people can’t even bother spending 5HG on a missed chat, but resort to cheating? BRUH.

5. People who get mad at Cheritz for being banned needs to accept that they got caught and need to own up to their actions.