“Stinkspat” Fluorite - Johannisschacht, Woelsendorf, Bayern, Germany

The famous 1961 Johannisschacht mine (now closed) produced typical, deep black-violet fluorite specimen - so called “Stinkspat” - a variety of fluorite that emits an odor of HF and ozone upon grinding due to the internal presence of free fluorine and calcium and the interaction of components with water upon grinding.


Sidecut twisted curls for HF WITH SCALP TEXTURE

Okey, so you all know how awful the default scalp texture for HF on the sidecut hair is? Looks bald, right? Which caused the original version of this mood to look like you were almost bald and not shaved. Like this:

So, i created a scalp texture to go with this hair, and put this in a new version of the hair. So if you want your lady to have sidecut curls, but wasnt fond of the old version because of the scalp, then i just saved your soul. *am being a little cocky*

Thank you so much to @whiskasgirl for lending me her beautiful Trevelyan and for getting me some screens. <3

Get the sidecut twisted curls with scalp texture here.