Zayn NOT singing his lines in WMYB | 01.03.15


Science with Phil (ft. a sassy Dan)

this video is so important to me


gifset meme + favorite platonic relationship (final fantasy xiii)
serah farron & noel kreiss / / we have to stick together, noel. i’ve got no one else i can count on but you. 


yesterday i went to national museum of contemporary art with my sweetheart and had great fun!! the pics are taken on our cigarette break on the museum’s rooftop, the view was great 11/10 would recomand


noya likes to cuddle ppl til he falls asleep, but asahi is an aggressive cuddler only After he falls asleep
when noya tries 2 squirm his way out asahi whines like a big ol pup so hes just trapped r.i.p noya