160524 | HF馆: “#我们一起MMD#极限挑战,五只老狐狸和一只羊的经典故事。永远的六只,人生中美好的遇见。张艺兴和哥哥们加油!”

Translation [fy-zyixing]: “#We’re Being Cute Together# Go Fighting, 5 old foxes and one sheep’s classic story. Forever six, a beautiful fateful meeting in life. Zhang Yixing and older brothers, jiayou!”

Sehris Lavellan

My favorite Inquisitor, Sehris Lavellan.

  Sliders and Save Files available here.

Cosmetic Mods Used -

Side Braid with Bun (updated HF) by dianalasen aka caliterra

Hair Retexture by fontofnothing

Female complexions -WIP- (Yennefer, Black Eyeliner, Babyface) by Ascendia

Vibrant Eyes with Limbal Rings by deadimage

Random Stuff (Eyelashes, Elongated v0.3) by Ascendia

Settrah’s Brows (Alternate Version) by sett-rah

Shep’s Tattoo Collection (Version 9) by ShepShy

No Sideburns - No Receding Hairline by vyrelis

Other Mods Used -

Elaborate Dalish Robes (Liliac Version) by Kalaheria

EF Skyhold PJ Recolours (Black Version) - by Kori C

KoriC’s Makeup Tweaks (Not used in photo, used in sliders) by KoriC