I should not have used *Happy* in the same heading with *Commercialmas*. It is sad, pathetic really, that we waste so much time and energy to celebrate something we only half believe in: Christmas. We can’t even say it in most social circles, it is “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings”: I think the only “Spirit” most people have is the booze they purchase, because I don’t see much cheer out there in the shopping world. I see panic, anxiety, indecisiveness. We have no idea what to get that special someone for a gift.

I am trying to add a reminder each day in my editorial section of my online paper “The Rasta Rag” to think of others first. It isn’t all about wrapped gifts, toys, and shopping. It is about caring. Isn’t that why we bother to buy gifts: Because we care about someone?

Do you really care? Besides spending what you can’t afford, did you remember that Salvation Army money kettle at the mall? I swerve right by you to ensure a portion of my change goes in each one I pass. No one preaches to you, every coin or bill comes with a big Thank You from people who give time and efforts to help out where others fail miserably. The Salvation Army

Toys may warm the hearts of some girls and boys, but they will never warm a spot on the stove. I ate out yesterday. It was convenient; I was out and about, so I indulged in a little “guilty pleasure” on the road. It was careless, today I feel shame when I consider half of that same amount would feed a family. I’m not well-off enough to feed the world, but I tipped better yesterday than most people would consider helping those who are hungry. Feed Nova Scotia


Sure, I still buy gifts. Children love toys. But some children don’t have any. To them, this is just another *Season of Disappointment* with not even food or proper shelter.

Don’t forget your family, friends, and your holiday decorations. Make sure you add them to the list under your charitable donation. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, there are so many, just make sure your Christmas Spirit isn’t all *bottled up*. The Big Box Store put away a tidy profit to keep them going; they don’t need your support. People do.

Don’t just repeat “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” if you don’t mean it!

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Emergency Update: You are safe

Context: Halifax police called to abortion protest

No one gets to scare you. 
No one gets to shame you.
No one gets to make you feel unsafe.

Their problems should not make problems for you.

You are a person who has rights.
You are a person who has a right to be treated with respect.
You are a person who has a right to be safe.
You are a person who is loved.

We don’t always see each other but we have each other’s backs. Our club doesn’t have a password, there is no secret sign, we don’t know we’re in it, but we are together.

We respect whatever choice each of us have made, whatever choice we might make.
We want us all to have access to safe healthcare and good information. 
We want this no matter what our pasts say.
We care about each other before something happens, after something happens, and if nothing happens.

We are people who respect each other. We are people who won’t let them yell at us. We won’t let them glare at us. We won’t let them be the shadow in our lives. We are people who won’t let them make you feel like anything less than the extraordinary person that you are. The extraordinary people we are. The strength we have when we realize we have each other’s backs. 

Because you are a person who is respected, who is safe, who is loved. 
Because we are people who are respected, who are safe, who are loved. 

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Libraries are facing increasing competition for attention, yet in Canada they have managed to increase service and program uptake. Still a pillar of communities, public libraries are changing people’s perception of what libraries are by adapting to and reimagining how and what people learn.

The Halifax Central Library, over two years in the making and decades in planning, opened today. The stunning modern architecture is a welcomed addition to the Halifax cityscape that is known for, aside from its central business district, historical preservation. Designed to resemble a stack of books, the HCL is fully accessible, culturally sensitive, and environmentally sustainable. And it very much intends to be a place for social gathering and lending books, paper and electronic, for generations of Haligonians to come.

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