How Far We've Come // Klatia

Today was finally here. It was the day that Tatia would finally feel her baby girl’s heart beat and the day that her and Nik would see her for the first time, even possibly find out the sex. To say she was excited was an understatement; she was ecstatic, beaming and glowing. Her bump had grown considerably these past few weeks, very visible now. Today she had a on a white summer dress that flowed down to her mid thighs and barefoot since the doctor’s appointment would be here. Hearing a noise behind her she turned around to see Nik leaning against the door way with his arms crossed. “Hi darling,” she beamed at him, the biggest smile on her face and nothing but love in her eyes as she looked at him.

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would you mind terribly putting the next lyricstuck at least partially under a cut? i always love them but they get reblogged around my dash so much and i have to scroll all the way down every time

mmmMM…probably not, gomen. I’ve kept the rest of my lyricstucks uncut, so I don’t see the point of breaking tradition. UAU. But if you really dont want to see it over and over on your dashboards (i totes understand) here are a couple of simple tips to make your Dash blogging easier:

-You could easily skip long posts by pressing ‘J’ on your keyboard. Million times faster than scrolling.

-Or if you have Tumblr Savior, blacklist ‘long posts’ and it will be minimized.

I’ll reiterate this again when we get closer to the deadline. And probably tack it at the very top of the audio post. For your convenience. ^~^ (hope that’s aight)

How Far We've Come

Dean and Castiel used to date in high school, but split up when Cas left for college and Dean left for California. Ten years later, Dean is a famous actor, and Cas is a renowned author and screenwriter, and they don’t know that they’re about to meet again in the City of Angels and that the meeting will burn both of their worlds to the ground in the best possible way.


~ Based on this song: ~


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6.13 Writing Update Just 'Cause

It seems I may have to really plan out the rest of CHM to get it the way I want it for the final two, which wrap up what would be season ten, so I’m going to hopefully get some work done on that tomorrow and get it back to you lovelies as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I’ve started a new ficlit with some angst and comedy, and I’m currently only calling it HFWC, but it should hopefully be done tomorrow.

A snippet:

“It’s about us,” Dean stated the obvious, feeling seasick. “How could I have missed that? The only difference was the lesbians. He fucking tricked me with lesbians.”

Sam paused like he was going to point out how ridiculously idiotic that reasoning was before he instead asked, “You doing okay?”

Dean let out a pathetic groan. Dean couldn’t see his brother, but he would bet his left nut that Sam was torn between laughing and wanting to talk about Dean’s feeling in-depth and in Dolby Digital surround sound.

Dean didn’t know what the hell he had done to deserve this torment, but he would definitely be stabbing that bitch fate in the face if she ever manifested herself to him, because that was uncalled for.

I’m having so much fun with this story.

I have to edit a new Saved chapter as well. And write a new one. And pack for vacation.


Later, lovelies!

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6.18.14 Writing Update #1

After braving busy beach town roads, a hoard of elderly, and a homeless man upset about not having his lobotomy in 1995, I am hiding in the back of the children’s floor of the library next to a dollhouse and a surrealist piece of art made from a cardboard box.

Now, new child friends, excuse me while I fan fiction. I’ll tell you what it is when you’re older.

I figured out a newer and faster ending for HFWC, so I am off to go finish that up before I ponder the best ways to finish CHM.


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Well, I finished writing CHM in a lot less words than I thought, and I’m not too happy with it, but it is finished, so I will definitely try to edit it and have it up by Thursday. 

Now I will attempt to put a dent into HFWC, so we’ll see how that goes.

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