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Andrew Garfield tells ET he’s ‘excited’ about the new Spider-Man reboot featuring Tom Holland in the title role.


What can we expect from Black Panther? #chadwickboseman shares his perspective in this clip from the HFPA Grants Banquet 2017 Lounge. The rest of brief interview is on Golden Globes YouTube page.

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Robert Pattinson at the HFPA 2017 Grants Banquet ¬


Meher Tatna (President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, HFPA) :

“ Before we have dinner I would like to give you a little idea of what’s to come, starting at eight o’clock. We are an association of journalists. We were all inspired by Meryl Streep’s during speech at the Globes earlier this year...and that gave us an idea. To tell you about it, here is the star of Good Time, Robert Pattinson.”

Robert Pattinson:

“For years the HFPA has not only supported film, theatre and education related schools, programs and charities, but responded to a number of humanitarian crises throughout the world, including the aftermath of typhoon in the Philippines, tsunami in Thailand, and Hurricane Sandy on America’s east coast. Rarely does an ongoing crisis hit home, as much for the members of the HFPA as is the case, an unfortunate new development has taken root all over the world: The slow disintegration and disappearance of what Americans call the First Amendment Right. Freedom of speech is under attack in many countries, journalists at the fear of incarceration or worse, for reporting the truth. An alarming number of journalists killed each year, most of their murders going unpunished, including in established democracies. Committee to Protect Journalists seeks to address this, whilst they influence policy and ensures that justice prevails. Therefore this year the HFPA aims at a $200,000 donation to the Committee to Protect Journalists…Often called journalism’s Red Cross which promotes press freedom and defends the rights of journlists around the world for reporting news without fear of reprisal. I’m very honored to accept this grant on behalf of this worthwhile organization. Thank you.”

To watch or read Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes this year *in January

(✿◠‿◠) We have come to the end of chapter 8 in the Book of 2017. It took 744 hours, 44,640 minutes, and 2,678,400 seconds for the memories and moments to complete each of the 31 pages in this chapter. 

Let’s thumb back through the pages of this chapter as we say 

✿ A little heads up about the coming of K’s fragrance campaign, Gabrielle would be released. 

✿ Rob at the HFPA Grants banquet 2017.

✿ Surprise: We get an a beautiful photoshoot of K for Harper’s Bazzar. (Some of her best pictures IMO)

✿ LA: Good Time promo, interviews, press rounds, and q&a’s

✿ Showing of Good Time & a q&a for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation & the Academy

✿ Rob on Jimmy Kimmel

✿ K filming JTLeroy in Canada continues.

✿ Rob in NY

✿ A week packed full of showings, a premiere (happy his parents were able to attend), interviews, q&as, tons of fantabulous reviews (and those keep coming).

✿ Great photoshoot of Rob in GQ

✿ Rob wrote & directed a short film about how hard it is for a celebrity to go out and get something as simple as a hot dog. 

✿ BTS pics of Rob & crew from Good Time

✿ K’s fragrance campaign launches. Really nice. Getting lots of good reviews for it. It is classy and elegant. I’d like to know how it smells.

✿ Good Time promo ends and Rob is now filming High Life.

✿ JT Leroy wraps…….comes to an end of filming.

✿ Rob & a few others are doing a Dior campaign, more to come on this.

✿ The month ends with a q&a for K on her movie, “Come Swim” in LA &  NY.

✿ There was a total solar eclipse.

✿ and a hurricane that has devastated Texas, who I continue to keep in my thoughts & prayers.

This chapter certainly has been a busy one. Life is like that too!!

Just remember: Life is too short, so we should 

ƸӜƷ •✿Stop and Smell the Flowers✿•ƸӜƷ and 

The next chapter is just a few hours from launching. Don’t know what page one will bring but page 2, Rob will be honored for his work at the  Deauville Festival 2017.

and we will be saying


¸.ღ´. .¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ღ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• ¸¸.•¨¯`•`ღ