hfpa 2011

Thanks for your comment. I agree. It’s encouraging for anyone trying to muster the courage to follow their dream to learn that a great actor like Tom Hardy didn’t get into acting school the first time round, and that he was shaking with apprehension doing his first exercise. 

Above is another clip you might enjoy. It’s Tom talking about his role in Warrior (Aug. 2011, HFPA interview). He is very self-deprecating and humble about his abilities. This is where he says:

“I have a black belt in origami. No, I don’t even have a black belt in origami. I have a black belt in sitting on my couch, watching daytime television and dissecting performances of B-movies. Maybe playing a bit of X-Box. That’s about the wizardry of my athleticism.”

Tom being so, so adorable, talking about his heroes and his little boy | Warrior HFPA interview, August 2011 (a belated Daddy’s day video)

Q: Did you have any favourite action stars or was there anything that inspired you for this film? 

Tom: […] I think I wanted my little boy to be able to look back and see his Daddy being strong one day.. [laughs]. You know, so I can let myself go now…[wags finger] “When Daddy was younger..Daddy was a contender.” …