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Prima Nocta is scorchingly hot and beautifully written. I can feel the underlying sadness through every sentence. I think I spek for all of us when I say that if you turned it into an epic medieval romance fic (HFoW was amaaazing!!!) we would die happy. Thanks for another amazing update!

Thank you so much!  I really do appreciate that.  I would love to write a full fic of it, but, for now, I’m going to try to get through the rest of my prompts and finish Vegas before I dive anything anything else.  I told myself with these prompts that after CN, they were going to be one shots.  ONE SHOTS, I say firmly to myself as I come up with the extremely complicated plot to justify the porn.  *sigh*  But, sincerely, thank you for letting me know you would be interested.  I love the medieval setting for these two, no surprise.  I just think they really lend themselves well to it.  I definitely support there being more medieval Stony epics!