nyello asked:

Answer this with ten random facts about yourself then pass it on to your ten favourite followers! 。◕‿◕。

Random. Not just facts, but random facts. Huh.

1. When I was in the third grade, I slept every night on my back, totally tucked in, with my hair covering my neck because I was afraid of vampires.

2. My first and second favorite Disney movies are Mulan and Tarzan. The third is debatable.

3. There’s a “mystery anime” from my childhood that I remember bits of, but I’ve never found out what it was. Wanna try and tell me what it was, send an ask and I’ll describe it for you.

4. There are also two moments in my life that feel like I’m missing parts of them and that actually really scares me.

5. We had a Min Pin when I was younger and sometimes she’d sleep with me and I’d accidentally kick her in my sleep and she’d bite me, but I honestly really love the scars left by her because she’s gone now.

6. I am a Cynophobe. As in? I’m afraid of dogs. There have only been a few I’ve ever liked; somewhere between four and five ever.

7. I love dates and notes; anything from the past that remains to the current day. I also actually really like things that have been in the same spot for a long time.

8. I never had a single dream with my PawPaw in it until he passed in 2010, but since then I’ve had several. The same happened once my other grandpa passed away, except he actually talks in the dreams.

9. My dad builds stuff for a living and when I was a kid he still just did houses; sometimes he’d bring me along and there was this one time when I was exploring the house and found this woman and little girl. The old lady asked me who I was and I told her my name and why I was there, even told her my full name when she asked again and kept asking. She kept saying, “But who are you?” and I couldn’t give her an answer she was happy with. Nowadays I have the eerie feeling that she and the little girl either weren’t real or weren’t living anymore.

10. I have one of the sweetest cats ever who was hurt by a human when she was younger and she’s skittish and untrusting and no one gets to see how sweet she is because of this. She’s always only ever trusted me and loved me, and sometimes I honestly cry because I don’t know what I did to deserve her love and trust. I’m tearing up now, just thinking about it.