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That Russia has a completely loving relationship with his big sister and a completely hateful relationship with his little sister.

Even Hetalia won’t totally whitewash that in real life, Russia and Ukraine have rocky relations. Even if Ukraine herself is too sweet to yell “eat shit and die” at her little brother, the notes in the manga clearly speak of Ukraine’s anti-Russia sentiment. Russia believes Ukraine hates him. He puts pressure on her. Ukraine still loves and cares for Russia, but she wants to make friends in the EU. She also left Russia after the Soviet Union collapse on her own terms, with no apology.

And Belarus? Sure, she’s a psycho and Russia is disturbed by her stalking behavior. But he was happy when she came back to support him after the other ex-Soviets left him. They can get along peacefully, like when they were discussing Russia’s comfortable chair. Belarus tends to serve as Russia’s sidekick, threatening and intimidating others to satisfy what her brother wants. And well, he doesn’t seem to mind.

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Why do I see a “yaoi club” in so many gakuen AUs that consist of Hungary, Japan, and sometimes Taiwan and South Korea? Ok so Hungary is a fujoshi but
1. she’s not that blatant of one to start a yaoi club
2. who the HELL allows a “yaoi club” to take place
3. why are Japan and sometimes Taiwan and South Korea roped into there????
I’m so sick of seeing this particular group go around the fictional school taking creepshots of gay couples. Hell, this group even exists in some canonverse fics! I’m so sick of seeing this particular group, all horribly mischaracterized, fetishizing gay couples for the author’s own pleasure in writing their OTPs interacting. It’s as if the author is inserting theirself into this fucking “yaoi club group” and it’s annoying, problematic, and overused.

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When Hungary is portrayed as a raving “yaoi fangirl”. She is a character with so much potential. Her character, which could actually be really interesting, is wasted so she can serve the role of the self-insert who gets to see all the ~*suteki yaoi love*~.
I mostly see this in either those oneshots that are always in the world meeting room, or in school AUs.  She’ll be taking pictures of people during meetings or classes, and in the school AUs she’ll be the president of some Yaoi club with Japan. (Who also tends to lose some personality.)

Honestly, people are wasting an opportunity to write about an amazing character with a rich history, fascinating character relations, and potential for an intricate personality.

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one pet peeve I have when I read Hetalia fanfics is that if the writer writes about WW1 and/ or WW2, they have the European nations (England mostly) pissed off at America for joining in “late”. To me, that is offensive. They make it as if it was Ameica’s fault for not “helping soon enough” and that he was selfish for not helping “his friends”. But in those eras, America was in isolation, wanted nothing from Europe and didn’t want to be involved in wars.

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A fanfic pet peeve of mine is when authors make Spain ask a question or exclaim something in Spanish and they completely forget about using the upside down question mark (¿) and the upside down exclamation point (¡) at the beginning of the sentence. When writing a question in Spanish, you start the sentence with the upside down question mark and end it with the normal question mark (same goes for exclamation points). For example, “¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás?” (Translation: Hi!/Hello! How are you?) is a grammatically correct Spanish sentence. “Hola! Como estas?” is not a grammatically correct Spanish sentence. Maybe the reason for this being a pet peeve of mine is because I’m Puerto Rican, but if you’re not going to bother doing your research and using correct Spanish grammar, don’t bother making Spain speak his language.

[Link to the translator page for help with this kind of thing]

When Ukraine is super insecure, prudish, or oblivious about her breasts.

  • When she was young, she showed her breasts to reduce her enemies’ willpower and enthusiastically suggested Russia do the same.
  • She usually dresses modestly, but she has no problem wearing shirts that show a bit of cleavage. (in Christmas 2011, at the girls’ meeting that made Taiwan insecure)
  • Liechtenstein implies that despite Ukraine’s refusal to wear the Cretan dress, she’s not above wearing revealing things.

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Hungary might as well marry her frying pan, considering every author seems to portray her giving concussions with it. There was a single time when she was told by God to hit France with one, buy why does that for this equation: Hungary + Frying Pan = Beat up Prussia and other nations. For the love of Hetaila, you can’t solve your problems by having Hungary whip out a cooking utensil. She might as well be carrying the cast-iron pan in a handbag with how casually it appears in certain forms of literature… There can only be so many concussions.

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