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Not a Bella question but i'm curious on how you know so much about the fashion industry? I'm so interested in the fashion industry as well and i don't know where to start to learn more about what's going on. I really just go on your blog and know when fashion week starts lol. Like is there blogs or even igs you follow that give you an insight on what's happening?

Hfconfess on ig helped me a lot in learning names and popularity and opinions. Following fashion lovers accounts also helps you learn a thing or two, following fashion blogs on tumblr will also help you learn names. I like @lelaid @gulcayn @empress-empire @leah-cultice and @driflloon. The fashion spot, models.com, and bellazon are also good resources for editorials, campaigns, models and industry info, and opinions (not on models,com but the forums have lots of discussion). Google is your friend, too. I would say find one or two models to follow closely and every time they work with someone, look up who that person is and learn about them. Build a web off one model, thats kind of what I do with Bella. I’m still really learning though, like I know so little so I might not be the best resource for resources.

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On hfconfess they made the usual poor B has lyme thing and got the usual reactions, one who is chronically ill said this is why she has a blank face. The picture? When she had her tonsils removed. People will never see the truth. Her problem must be malnutrition, I've always had a bad diet, I felt in pain and weak and it was anemia. The same must've happened to her but Y wouldn't think it's because of how she raised her and decided it's lyme. If G didn't have a legit illness she'd have it too

Bella’s problem could be anything in the world, the symptoms she described (assuming she does feel this way which I’m sure she does) are insanely vague. I have the same things she does and its because I have anxiety and low blood sugar (two things shes referenced having before). And shes smoked, drinked, and partied since she was 14/15, clearly has had body dysmporphic and eating issues in the past, and has done tons of risky behaviour that shows she doesn’t take care of herself. Literally being foggy and tired or having achy muscles could be from just a shitty sleeping schedule.

Yolanda is one of those moms who fishes for any reason something is wrong with her kids that has nothing to do with her and can’t be fixed so she can play the dotting mother without having to put in any work. It makes the situaton make her seem like a saint rather than the bad mom she actually is. Even Gigi’s illness was only found because she didn’t respond to Yolanda’s borderline starvation tactics and lose weight when she was younger. Any normal child with Gigi’s illness and situation would never have known she was sick, her weight was a non (medical) issue and she was involved in sports and school just fine. It was only found because Yo didn’t think she was skinny enough to be the model she never was and when the dieting (on her totally healthy looking child) didn’t work she went to find out why. 

I literally hate this woman and the entire con she has cocked up and I hate people feeling any sympathy for them. I find the entire family to be so incredibly non-sympathetic at this point tbh.

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I wonder how people like that will react when Bella's career dies down like Kendall's (it'll happen faster to her since she isn't as famous). That sounded like someone from hfconfess where they look at the immediate result but don't bother learning the business behind it. I've seen people there say she'll fade like K and fans like boo boo the fool here go crazy saying we're jealous haters and Bella works her ass off. Grow up and do some research, you have no idea how ridiculous you sound.

It’ll be a hot damn minute before people accept shes dying down. I still see people see Kendalls just as hot as shes always been. I feel like if you look at bella big picture and really think about why everything is happening (and how) it’s clear, look things up and look around her career is clearly not as peachy-keen as it seems. And I want the best for her. I want her to work hard and make something of herself, i think she has so much potential and was in such a solid roll a year ago. i hate that shes not blowing up and has stopped improving, I hate that it feels like shes gonna slip away in a year or two and Im so fucking frustrated that shes had everything in her favor and just fucking shrugs her shoulders and doesnt take shit into her own hands. “I was routing for you, we were all routing for you” is some real fucking shit here…

I try not to judge too hard with people like that anon because I use to do the same shit… but at least I was doing that shit on my own blog and not bothering other people. why bother interacting with me? I clearly dont care and (whether you trust what i think about her or not) my opinions about bella are pretty firm and backed. like “omg youre so mean why do you careeeeee” is not a new comment for me. I got the same shit when I defended her and now I get it from the other side. its an empty sentiment from an empty head. it means nothing.

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Can everyone just shut the fuck up about Kate Upton, Cara Delevingne and the VS models? They're not relevant to the high fashion industry

This blog is intended to provide a place for people to discuss any and all aspects of the fashion industry, not just high fashion. Please don’t police other people’s discussion topics - that’s my job as the owner. If you have a problem with that, hfconfessions only posts about high fashion.