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Why don't I see you at hfconfess anymore? They aren't that mean to Bels anyway, most of them has a bias hate against Ken nd Gi.

So, I’m not going to go into detail since it makes me sound so paranoid and like that I can’t accept people might change their mind about Bella and stop liking her; but I specifically saw one account get mad at me for something I said about someone who wasn’t Bella and from that point on would trash her and try to have negative conversations about her on her confessions and I took it kind of personally. Because they’d say something negative and I felt like people would follow that lead and idk, wasn’t a fan and they @/ed me about my opinion on her like questioning me and it really made me upset so I just left. Plus, I know there’s at least a couple people from tumblr who would monitor my opinions on there and if I said anything negative about Gigi would get mad and go to to the confessions blog about how I was a hater which was annoying anyways. I rather hold back all my opinions then hold back some so I just unfollowed.

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Can everyone just shut the fuck up about Kate Upton, Cara Delevingne and the VS models? They're not relevant to the high fashion industry

This blog is intended to provide a place for people to discuss any and all aspects of the fashion industry, not just high fashion. Please don’t police other people’s discussion topics - that’s my job as the owner. If you have a problem with that, hfconfessions only posts about high fashion.