“Max?” Deucalion rumbled, rapping his knuckles at the man’s door. “I’m here, are you alright?” The alpha didn’t really want to be here, he knew keeping his distance would be better for them. But Max could seriously harm himself if he ingested too much wolfsbane, and despite everything that had come to light recently, any thought of Max hurt truly terrified Deucalion. 

Dance Dance - Jed and Max

Jed went to the back of section of the club, where all the lockers were. Everybody had their stuff there, from dancers, to cleaners to the bartender. He didn’t need to change clothes because his uniform was fine enough. His uniform was a gray tank top and tight jeans. He could wear more revealing clothing, but that wasn’t something he wanted to do. He opened this keeper and pulled out his phone. He then went ahead and texted Max.

I’m Done. Meet me outside so I can get you in right away.

He then closed the locker and went out from the exit there and then went to the front. 


{After Paul help distract the guys for Agron to take them out, he takes walks up to the door and knocks on it} Uh, Agron. Remember what we agre-

Yeah, I know. Don’t shoot Deucalion. {Agron brings his cross bow to the side} Though I hope you know that it was only gonna be one normal arrow to like the knee or something. {He looks over at Paul to see him looking back at him disapprovingly} Hey, you can’t blame me for wanting to give him some form of payback for turning my brother.


Art Pot: the stoned adventures of Max and Sink


Walking from his last class Sink left th safety of the mythology majors and slowly made his way towards the art department. Turning the hall he grimaced as the scenery changed. From day to night. The geeky nerds who had no problem telling you the difference between Zeus and Jupiter. To a group of people who looked like they have murdered someone with a smile. Walking past one girl with platinum white hair and a fifty shades of pink wardrobe Sink walked into Max’s classroom. “Next time just bring the stuff to me. Your students are scary.”