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What's your favorite high fantasy book? That's a really hard genre for me to find decent books in. (my current one is The Goblin Emperor, because even though I couldn't remember anyone's names the main character was great and the worldbuilding felt solid, plus it was neat to read a HF where there were no humans)

I’m really not a high fantasy person, haha. I don’t like it at all, that’s why I read so much of it, to try and find out if there’s one for me. There’s just so much racism in HF that I feel like it’s an impossible task. Stuff I did like: 

  • the bone witch by rin chupeco (necromancers, japanese-inspired)
  • inked by eric smith (super cute world where everyone is born with magical tattoos)
  • uprooted by naomi novik (polish folktale retelling with magic and creepy forests)

I haven’t read this one and not heard of it either! Interesting.

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On any given day, I analyze the binomial levels air displacement, friction and velocity. And compute over ten thousand calculations by cosine, square root and lately analytic geometry. By hand. There are twenty, bright, highly capable negro women in the west computing group, and we’re proud to be doing our part for the country. So yes, they let women do some things at NASA, Mr. Johnson. And it’s not because we wear skirts. It’s because we wear glasses. Have a good day.

Hidden Figures, 2016

the thing about emma swan is that although i tag her as ‘perfect’ a lot - #ur so perfect #perfection #perfect princess, etc. - she is not actually perfect

i mean, emma screws up all the time. she lies to henry about his dad. she gets mad at her parents and acts like a sullen teenager. she lies to herself about her feelings. she holds grudges, and snaps out impatiently at people who try to break down her walls. she trusts too quickly or doesn’t trust at all. she unneccessarily doubts herself, to the point of letting friends walk all over her. or alternately, she tries to save everyone, often to her detriment or theirs


but why i’m constantly tagging emma as ‘perfect’ is because she tries so hard to improve herself. constantly

ever since s1, she has been discovering more and more about herself, expanding her knowledge and correcting her behaviors. and she has become a woman who loves easily and forgives easily, but still kicks ass and knows who she is

she’s not just some guy’s girlfriend, or the town’s savior, or the daughter of royalty, or henry’s mom. she’s all of those things - but most importantly, she’s emma. she likes florals and leather and cashmere and denim so screw consistency. she’ll put her hair up and let her hair down and wear heels or flat boots as suits her fancy. she’ll wear makeup when she damn well pleases or maybe not at all. she’ll reach for your hand if you need comfort, but she’ll stand by your side with a sword if you need that, too. and she is loyal to her last breath, loving even when she’s upset or frustrated

and she finally, FINALLY has the kind of faith in herself that all of us want to have: she is not nothing - she was never nothing! she is emma swan, and she deserves a happy ending, too

jmo said that emma is the kind of woman she would love to be friends with, and that’s what makes her perfect, to me: she’s so very, very real and frank and raw, and she’s the most heartfelt character i’ve ever had the privilege of loving