throwback to when these three pretended they were going to race but ended up doing a catwalk

Sad news

OMG! I just found out on daily mail that Jewel from BTS’ American Hustle Life died in a car accident ,she was dating Scott Eastwood at the time. That is so sad. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3754799/Scott-Eastwood-reveals-s-harder-date-girlfriend-died-car-crash.html

KM & BW: Noooo that’s so sad! I read it and she passed away that same year in 2014. She was one of my favorites she was so sweet. R.I.P :(



[ENG] 160801 SBS God’s Workplace Jimin and J-Hope Cuts


In case the video gets taken down on Dailymotion, here is an OPENLOAD link to the video

What’s happening to Leslie Jones right now is so disgusting. Not only have these trolls attacked her, but now someone has hacked her personal website and leaked her nudes. All because she was in a fucking movie. Goddamn, black women need so much protection from this bullshit. What has been happening to her is a blatant hate crime, but watch as white media paints these crimes as “kids just joking around.”

  • rebecca:*tells her own abusive relationship experience with jasper and lapis*
  • rebecca in an interview:a loveless relationship like jasper and lapis...
  • y’all:still going at it anyways

that time in manila when tae made everyone do the gangnam style choreo


twelve & two. | part seven
[bts x got7 x reader]
genre: sibling!au / angst

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part seven: big brothers always know best.

authors note: omfg HI I’m so excited and happy that I’m finally able to update more frequently HEHE YAY anywayssss I hope you guys enjoy this part and as always feedback is appreciated!! LOVE YOUUUU 

18. Who’s She? Part 6.

And here we go with part 6! Hope you guys enjoy it! <3<3 :*

Who’s She? Part 6.

„Ah, doctor. I see you’re still alive, so I suppose you haven’t done something stupid, while I was gone“, Joker said grinning at Dr Warner.

„Where is my daughter, you bastard?“, she asked sobbing.

„Careful“, Joker growled and came a step towards here, holding his index finger in front of her face.

She was crying and bleeding.

„Your daughter belongs to me now. She’s such a good girl“, a dirty grin hits his face as he took the old wooden chair in the corner behind him, placed it in front of her and sat down, as if he was a father who wants to tell a bedtime story to his daughter.

Except for the fact that he had her tied up in handcuffs on a wall, in a cold basement, where he already tortured her a few hours before he fucked her daughter.

„You wanna know what I have done with her?“, he asked watching in amazement how Dr Warner’s facial expressions got from scared to disgusted and back again.

After he tortured her physically, he now abused her mentally.

She turned her head away from him, but that was a big mistake.

When the Joker is about to tell you something, you’ll better listen, to him.

„Don’t you dare ignoring me“, he growled and slapped her across the face.

Her nose was bleeding after this, but she didn’t make a sound, she doesn’t want to give him the pleasure of seeing her whine or hurt.

„You will listen to me now, hm?“, he asked tugging her face into his direction.

She didn’t answer him.

„Anyways, you can’t keep your ears shut, so where was I … Oh yes …“, he grinned again.

„I’ve waited for little (Y/N) to come home, after I messaged her. Lovely girl, she came as soon as I texted her. She was a little bit shy in the beginning, but she became so needy after I layed my hands on her pretty innocent body. Her skin was so soft … and her pretty pussy became so wet, after I touched her, oooh how she loved that …“

„Stop it!“, Dr Warner shouted.

„Don’t interrupt me, while I’m speaking!“, Joker yelled and slapped her again, harder than the last time.

Dr Warner felt like her head was about to burst, after it struck the back of the hard stone wall again and a warm liquid at the back of her head told her, that she was bleeding.

„You wanna know what she said, while I fucked her?“

„She said; I want it, daddy, I want it, so bad …

„You’re lying“, Dr Warner hissed at him.

Joker laughed.

„You think so?“

„Maybe you should look at this“, he said and showed Dr Warner the ugly truth in form of a video on his phone.

In the second she saw her daughter, laying under Joker, moaning and begging for more, while he wanted to know, if she likes what he was doing with her, Dr Warner turned her head away.

She doesn’t wanted to see this.

„You’re sick! Just a sick, freak“, she said, while tears were running down her cheeks.

„Tsk, tsk, tsk“, Joker said and shook his head.

„That wasn’t very nice of you.“

„But I should’ve expected that, you never were nice to me. Remember the security guards? The one’s who tortured me? I know that this was your idea, so don’t act like you’re the victim!“

He pulled his gold and purple jackknife out of his jacket, before slamming it into Dr Warners ribcage.

She cried out in pain.

„Listen to me now, and listen good. Your daughter doesn’t need you any longer, she belongs to me now, but don’t worry I will take care of her. And I can’t risk that you will separate her from me, that means doctor, you can go“, Joker smiled and placed his gun against her forehead.



„Boss? Is everything alright?“

Frost stood on the stairway to the basement.

„Didn’t I told you to stay out?“, Joker growled.

„Yes, but the girl, she’s awake. I think she’s searching for you, boss“, Frost said and showed Joker the iPad, where he saw (Y/N) standing in her room.

She looked irritated, worried and slightly sad.

„Bring me the car and be so kind and put the garbage out.“

Frost nodded his head, while Joker watched (Y/N) searching for him, or maybe … her mother?

He looked at the dead body of Dr Warner.

Don’t worry, doll. You won’t need her anymore, you don’t need anyone, besides me. You’re mine, mine alone.


He wasn’t there anymore as you woke up again and at first you thought everything was just a dream, but as you went to look out for your mother, she also wasn’t there.

He said he wouldn’t do something to her, but you didn’t believe him anymore.

Tears were forming into your eyes.

What have you done?

If he had killed her, it was only your fault.

You sobbed and tried to whipe the tears away, but you suddenly stopped crying as you heared the front door open and close again.

Mr J was back.

„I’m sorry, doll. I’ve had some really important business to do“, he said with his usual big smile.

You saw the blood on his clothes and the tears came back.

You knew what he has done.

„Oooh, what’s wrong, baby?“, he asked and spread his arms to wrap them around your body.

„N-no“, you said and wanted him to let go off you, but his grip got even more harder instead.

„You promised it“, you said, crying again.

„Shhh. No. Stay“, he growled and pulled you back into his arms as you tried to break free.

„Stay, and listen“, he said impatient and grabbed your chin to make you look him in those crazy blue eyes.

„She would’ve tried to take you away from me, as far as it would’ve been possible for her. I told you I won’t let you go again, you belong to me now. She was just a burden for us. Stop crying, doll. You wouldn’t have wanted to be taken away from me, would you?“

„Answer me, dear“, he said whispering and stroke your cheek.

„No …“, you whispered back.

He smiled at you.

„You see. It’s better for us now. Don’t be mad at me, you won’t remember her that much, when we move outta here, I promise.“

„Don’t promise me anything. You didn’t hold it the last time“, you said whiping your tears away.

„Yes, because you wouldn’t have trusted me, if I had told you that I would kill your mother.“

„So you just used me?“, you asked and pushed him away.

„Doll. I didn’t used you. And don’t ever push me away again“, he growled and grabbed you by your neck to kiss you roughly.

„I want you and I know you want me too, so stop fighting against it.“

„And don’t cry to me“, he whispered and kissed your tears away, almost like a normal worried boyfriend, but he wasn’t normal, he was the Joker and you knew that, you felt it everytime he talked to you or touched you.

„How could you do this?“, you sobbed at his chest as you looked at one of the pictures in the hallway, that showed you and your mother; a happy little family.

You were ten years old back then.

„Shhh. It was necessary, you will see it’s better like that. Stop crying now.“

But you didn’t wanted to stop.

You couldn’t.

She was your mother.

You had the right to grieve about her.

And you had the right to hate yourself, for being addicted to the man, who killed her.

He killed your mother and you were still in love with him.

Now that’s the proof.

You must be crazy, not as crazy as him, but still crazy enough to look over the death of your mother.

Yes you were sad, yes it broke your heart to imagine what he must have done to her, but even that wasn’t enough to make you hate him.

You still wanted him and you still loved how he comforted you, even if he was the reason you got hurt, like that.

So was this about to be your life now?

Being the one and only girl of Gotham City’s most notorious criminal?

He wouldn’t let you go again, you were his property now.

And to be true, you didn’t wanted to be somewhere else …

And this is how the crazy clown had created his crazy girl.

  • Me:*Takes a Deep Breath*
  • Me:I lo-
  • Anyone who knows me:Yes we know you love the Throne of Glass Book Series.You Love Throne of Glass more than you have ever loved anything in your entire existence.We know that Sarah J Maas is your Queen and that you spend all of your time wishing that you actually were Aelin Galathynius and that you could conjure fire and be with a kick ass fae warrior. We also know that Empire of Storms and the Throne of Glass coloring book are coming out on September 6th...because we hear you screaming about it in your room at night.....and also every minute...of every day. You love The Throne of Glass book series. WE GET IT!