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Adventure Time

It’s been years since I last went to Enchanted Kingdom and I forgot the feeling of riding each rides with your friends and shout out to the top of your lungs. I’m really thankful that we planned this spontaneous trip! LOL. we headed to Nuvali first to have our breakfast and “family” quality time together! (lakas makapamilya) haha! We went there to have breakfast and experience the beauty of nature by ding interactive activities like fishe feeding, boat riding and doing our outfit shots…with the nature! lol. 

angsaya saya lang namin! parang isang buong pamilya! haahaha! :))

after Nuvali we went straight to enchanted Kingdom and went all giddy with all the rides we saw! It was the perfect time to go to EK because it was a monday so there were no long lines and we get to ride the rides twice,thrice or as many as we can/want. It was tiring but all the sweat was worth it as long as you’re with a good company! :)

Tin and david while waiting in the line. ito nanaman tayo sa mga walang matinong pictures. hahaha! The first ride we rode is the Roller skater! it was a baby coaster ride. Funny thing about this ride is that we saw someone puke after this ride…nahilo agad???  haha! :))

then we rode the anchors away!!!! hahaha! this was the funniest ride ever! seeing all the reactions of people on the other end is just the cherry on top of a hilarious ride! hahaha! we actually have a video while riding this ride, see for yourself! we’ll upload it here soon! haha! while waiting in line me,dave and tin had the time to camwhore….sorry for the vanity… ~(-_-)~

after anchors away we had lunch and then rode THE SPACE SHUTTLE!!!!!!! hahaha! it was tin’s first time to ride the roller coaster! I wonder how she felt while waiting in line…hahaha! :))

parang ‘di masaya si tintin sa line…hahaha! :)) after the space shuttle we had an ice monster break (aircon kasi and makaka-wifi )  …and then we saw this  big wall of GORGEOUS PEOPLE!!!! HAHAHA! :)) wala akong masabi tawa nalang ako… 

then went to RIALTO to have a rest and then went straight to Rio Grande which I thought is…fun until I got super wet! me,dave and hezzy were the ones who got really really wet! like seriously…hahaha! =))

David’s hair before and after Rio Grande…BOOM! say bye bye to the legendary hair! and look how wet we are…BOOM!!!!

went to flying fiesta then anchors away again to dry off. haha! di naman effective…   

Then we saw this really cute alien mascot !!!! she’s so funny because she was doing these hiphop moves. lol. 

we went inside the hunted house! haha! labag sa kalooban ni tintin and angel pumasok sa horro house. hahaha! :))  

had a break first and gelo yellow arrived!!! yaaaay! the more the merrier! :

we rode the new ride called disk-o-magic! it made me dizzy but it was fun! :)

to end the night we rode the EKstreme tower! it’s like the giant drop version of dreamworld australia! masakit sa mga kalalakihan. haha! 

went to tagaytay to had dinner at leslie’s ordered too much ako lang pala and si dave kakain ng madami...what’s new? haha!

we ended the day hanging out in the hospital! anglamig kasi!!!!!!! hahaha! :))

This is to sum up our spontaneous  trip! I had so much fun with this gang and I can’t wait for the next onessssss!!!!! :>

Notes. It’s the time of the year when we remember our loved ones who are at rest. A long weekend it is. Hopefully, you were able to spent it well with your loved ones and you’ve been a productive creature the whole weekend.

It’s so easy to say not to take anyone for granted. Tell how you feel about them while you still have the chance to do so. But in reality, personally, it’s not that easy. It was never.

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