heyyouhai  asked:

Hai there! TuT Can I just say how beautiful your arts are *squealsandrunsaway* I randomly came across your tumblr earlier today whilst searching thru the Razaya tag and OMFG my feels are overflowing ;v; (wish I was logged on then and could've "liked" everything..) I recently started and quickly finished watching GLTAS and I honestly did not expect to love it so much ;m; cries AYA AND RAZER ESPECIALLY!! TTuTT Please, please keep being awesome, creating the hopeful fan-art that you do! Thank chu<3

*flails* I am absolutely delighted that you love GLTAS! Ahhhhh, it’s so wonderful when new fans arrive in the fandom. Speaking of which, allow me to give you our welcome GIF:

GLTAS holds a special spot in my heart, so I most certainly will continue to make fan art for it! Thank you so much, and please continue being an awesome Fantern. <3